The Ladies

January 2012 Portland, OR River City Bicycles

This is Fiona, my 2012 Cervelo R3 Rival. She is my lovely lady. This picture was taken as I was leaving the bike shop after purchasing her. I was just a little excited. :) She weighs just a hair over 15 lbs. She has a custom built wheelset; STAN's NOTUBES Alpha 340s with Chris King R45 hubs. Oh Mama! I love this ride!

Another favorite shot of Fiona.

This sexy piece of aluminum is my self-built commuter, Lucy. She is built from salvaged parts from my wrecked Cervelo RS (the carbon fork, SRAM Rival components, carbon FSA bars, and carbon 3T seatpost), a Fetish Frecsia frame I found on eBay, and the Fulcrum 7 racing wheelset that originally came with Fiona. Not a bad looking bike, if you ask me! She may not be as light as Fi, but she's not bad!

No name yet, but she is my newest addition to the family. She's a Nirve Cruiser, and can you believe I got her for free?!

The Girl in Hawaii. We rode the IM Kona bike route together.

The Girl
The Girl was my first true love. Man, I loved that bike! She was a 2010 Cervelo RS, and I rode the hell outta her! Riding her was like riding on a little piece of Heaven, but going fast as Hell! :D That bike spoke to my soul.

Sadly, I had her on my roof rack and I drove her into a parking garage. Ugh.

My 1st roadbike. "My Precious." Specialized Ruby Elite
I rode my first century on my Ruby. It was a love-hate thing with her and I. I think I just didn't know any better with her being my first road bike. I didn't know how I should feel, what should hurt, and what shouldn't. Eventually I did realize that she wasn't the bike for me and we parted ways. Luckily for me, she held her resale value like a champ!

This was the bike that started it all! She never did have a name, but she was a good little bike. Man did I ride her hard. I rode her for a few years, pretty much everywhere because I didn't have a working car. She pretty much solidified that I loved riding bikes. She was a Diamondback Clarity Hybrid. I used to get numb hands when I rode her...that sucked... She weighed a ton!

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