Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where's My High?

As I have mentioned before, I started my journey as an athlete, with running.  Despite the many aches and pains it brought me, in a lot of ways it took many of my inner hurts away.  I used to love to run.  It wasn't long though, before I got my first bike and started commuting to work on her.  A few seasons later, and I had made the transition.  I could tell because occasionally I would go for a short jog and I would feel like a wounded gimp for the next 3 days!  I didn't have those running muscles anymore. lol

Running really hurts my back.  The joy that running has brought me has always been worth the pain though.  I haven't felt much joy yet on my runs though...  Pain, yes.  Joy, not so much. 

Headed to the pool now.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chilly Hilly 2012

Ready to eat CHILI after CHILLY HILLY
This morning 1.0 and I participated in Chilly Hilly's 40th annual ride.  And did it live up to it's name??  Yes!  When we left the house this morning, the temperature was well below freezing, and the roads were icy.  Waiting for the ferry to Bainbridge Island was SO cold!  I was wearing a long sleeve thermal under layer, a short sleeve jersey, long wool arm warmers, a zip-up long-sleeve thermal jersey, and a windbreaker/rain jacket, but when you aren't moving...not so warm.

The ride is 33 miles of rollers, a few long grinders, and a few shorter steepies.  The total elevation gain is 2675 feet.  Now in June through October, this would be a cake walk, but at the beginning of the season, when you have been spending most of your time on the trainer... Let's just say that I worked for it today. :)  I got a wee bit dehydrated too...  This caused some muscle cramping, but luckily it didn't start until the second to last hill.

So Chilly Hilly, among a lot of other rides like it that Cascade puts on, attract a certain subcultures of cyclist.  For the most part, people are super nice.  Most people who do these events, return year after year, some of them for decades!  It's always nice to chat with these guys (I say guys because I am usually outnumbered 3:1), because you can learn a lot of tricks about where to pee and where to eat and other important stuff.

However...there is always a few dicks in every crowd.  Today was no different of course.  I'm talking about the guy who takes it upon himself to play traffic cop.  These guys are all the same; they have incredibly loud voices that carry farther than anyone else.  "Hey!  We STOP at stop signs!  Do what the cars do!  That's the law!"  If that guy got his head out of his ass for 5 minutes he would probably have a much more enjoyable ride.  He would also probably notice that people were running the stop sign because the car waiting was waving everyone through! lol

I fantasize about punching that guy in the face.  Is that bad?  Is it also bad that I would break 10 more traffic laws just to get the f**k away from him?  *Sigh* Maybe this irritates me because I really try to be a conscientious cyclist.  I use hand signals, and make myself known to others on the trail or road when passing.  I point out hazards when I see them.  I obey traffic laws...at least as much as I do when I am driving in my car! lol  And I DON'T go ape-sh*t crazy on motorists who I think have wronged me.  That's just poor form and makes them hate us more.

These rides are always fun though and I love participating in them.  I love photographing bicycles.  Here's a few I took today!

Sorry. I blurred my bib number.

Lady in Red

The BB needed to be chased, and unfortunately this wasn't something that either 1.0 or I had access to outside of going into a shop and paying to have it done.  He ended up taking it over to Sammamish Valley Cycle to get the work done, and walked out with a new job!  I have never been to that shop, but now I intend to go!! lol  While he was there, he also picked up a couple other things I needed; a new seat collar, and down-tube cable-stops.
Down-tube cable-stops.
Seat collar
After that, it was time for me to get my hands dirty!
By bed time, the bike was ready for a test ride!  She rode great!  I still needed to get the fenders put on, but I didn't have them at my house, so that had to wait for Saturday.  Sadly, they didn't fit...but 1.0 is a stud and knows how to cut and bridge them so they will work.  I am excited to get them on, but if it doesn't happen right away, that's ok.  I am really pleased with how the bike turned out!  I had fun building her.

Thanks 1.0 for being an awesome teacher!
This was rather tedious.

Cleaning and reassembling the cassette with sock hands.

Putting the chain back on.
I thought that red beer bottle caps would make for cool bar end plugs.
Here we are!  Caprica and Cervelo Girl!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Excuses, My Assthma!

Today was another long one!

I started the day with an hour on bike trainer.  1.0 had adjusted my right cleat and I think it really helped.  I don't think I am going to make the trip out to the shop after all.  The true test will be this Sunday's ride.  So after the trainer, I headed to the Y for my swim.  I did 5 X 500 @ 1 min rests.  I really worked on my form and I noticed my neck hurt less.  Very nice!  On my way out of the Y, I ran into my old middle school teacher who volunteers there.  He is so nice!  We got to talking about my event, and he asked me how I felt about it being called "IronMAN."  Heh.. This really made me chuckle.  So back in 7th or 8th grade, one day he gave everyone a new book for the class called "Modern Man."  He then promptly made us take out a marker and change the cover so the title read, "Modern Man AND Woman."  Priceless.

After work I had a lovely massage, and then it was off to Parent Info Night at the middle school with Stinky Cheese.  I can't believe he's almost in MIDDLE SCHOOL!  The reason I bring this part of my day up here, is because of something I overheard him say to one of his friends, while we were touring the classrooms... He said, "I can't run because I have asthma."

What the f...???

Initially I was shocked and hurt.  Doesn't he see??  Don't my boys know how hard I work to run and swim and bike and climb??  And I have asthma!!!  Don't they see that if I can do it, so can they?  Can't they translate that into "even in the face of adversity, you can beat the odds"??  I don't know.  He just wanted to go to bed and get away from mom, like most almost 12 year olds do. 

The fact is, he is just making excuses, and I know where he learned that.  His dad and I are divorced.  E is a good man and he loves his sons.  He isn't without his faults, but he is my son's father, and for that, he deserves respect and privacy.  This is MY blog, so I will only air my sh*t. :)  What was I saying?  Ah yes.. excuses!  I live in a world of constant excuses, and asthma, (as a friend of mine recently pointed out to me) is one of them!   Here is my embarrassing confession: I tell people I have asthma because I am completely self conscious of how slow I am (or think I am.)  I like to give myself a handicap so people's expectations are low, so hopefully I won't disappoint them, or embarrass myself.  

Other excuse topics:
Why I don't go back to school.
Why I can't have a relationship.

Are there enough hours in the day for the therapy I need? 

Anyway, despite the fact that I think the asthma thing is merely an excuse, and not really the issue, I am going to ask S.C. to read this article.  I found it years ago when I was training for my first half marathon, and I really loved it.  Enjoy!

~Running With Asthma: A Personal Viewpoint.

If you are diagnosed with exercised induced asthma, take heart, because you may still participate in the sport of running. I am not an expert on the subject of asthma, but since I have this condition I thought it only appropriate to at least touch on this subject somewhat. This is not a "how to take your medicine" or, "what medicine do I try" article. This is not about the more debilitating forms of asthma. Medical advice or information about any form of asthma should be obtained from your health care professional. Rather, this is simply my personal viewpoint of what it is like to try to run with asthma and my attitude towards it.

First and foremost, if you have this condition and are still running, then congratulations! You might put out as much effort as an elite athlete during a race, but of course your times will not reflect that. So it is good to remind yourself that it isn't just the person in first place that is the winner. You are a winner if you don't quit!

Many people mistakenly think that exercised induced asthma only occurs if you exercise. That is not true, although it does become more intense during exercise.

When you don't get enough air (oxygen) during a run then you become fatigued much sooner than the person who is getting sufficient oxygen. This means that your legs feel heavy, your breathing becomes labored and your heart pumps harder to try to get you enough air to function with. This could be a real downer if you are only a few minutes into a race!

Another comparison to running with asthma is that it would be similar to running at high altitudes where the air is thin. Although your body can adjust to a point, it will not function as well as someone who is getting sufficient oxygen.

The way I chose to look at racing with asthma is that I am putting out as much effort as the person who is in first place. By the end of a race that I've really struggled in, my heart rate is often up to 100% of my maximum after only a few minutes. My legs feel as heavy as lead and my breathing is loud gasps while I struggle for air. ( This does cause some of the other runners to stare at me. Some ask if this is the first race I've ever run, and if so, I should slow down.) A runner with asthma labors early during a race. Much the same as a healthy runner does who is at the end of running a sprint. Only the runner with asthma has done it for miles! At full throttle! When you look at it that way it says something for the mental toughness of that particular runner, doesn't it.

What should a runner do that has asthma?

Well, it would be nice if you could find short races once in a while. Quarter milers would be wonderful for runners with asthma, because you could compete and the asthma would not have time to affect you. By the time it would hit, you would be finished. I must admit that I would get bored with going to running events that were over in a few moments if that was my only source of competition. It would be fine once in a while, but not on a regular basis. I still love the challenge a long race provides.

If you have asthma and want to compete, it is important to continue training on a consistent basis and it is important to follow your doctor's advice for using an inhaler if that is what it takes to get you the air you need during a race. Even with inhalers, an asthmatic runner is not going to get a normal oxygen supply. In other words, medication can open up the lungs somewhat but your body is producing too much mucus to get the same air as someone that has healthy lungs.

The good news is that every so often a runner with asthma has a day when the lungs just seem to open up and it is almost effortless to race. It's like having a burst of energy and the miles fly by. Those are great races. However, the most important thing to remember is to never give up on the bad days.

It is also important to watch what you eat. Being overweight just adds to the stress when you run. Milk products can often cause a reaction in the lungs by creating excessive fluids that block oxygen absorption.

One reason I'm always hopeful when I'm at the starting line of any race is the possibility that I'll not have the extreme reaction that asthma causes and that the race might be run with few symptoms of asthma. Those are races where my legs don't get tired and I run like the wind! I have quite a collection of hard won medals and trophies for the races where I've placed. I'm proud of them because of the effort it took. Yet I believe I win every time I step up to the starting line and run a race, no matter where I finish. I believe I win each time I run outside on a training run.

Running a race with or without asthma, not quitting even when you don't think you can win, in my humble opinion, is still a good test of a persons character. I have learned a lot about myself and about not giving up. I must say that I'm proud I'm a runner and you should be also. If you get yourself out the door to run, you've won. Period.

~ Lynn Seely

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building Caprica: Part 1

Today was just about the longest day at work EVER!  Patients were great, but just complicated.  I don't think I stopped running around for a moment for over 10 hours.  Needless to say, after a day like today, and the exercise I put in yesterday, I'm knackered!  By the time I made it to my car after my shift, I only had 2 things on my mind: beer and building my bike.

Here is the progress I made tonight under the tutelage of my fine friend 1.0. 
I am attempting to break the chain. It isn't going well.

After my valiant attempt, 1.0 tries. Old socks make for clumsy gloves (FYI) 
I think it's starting to get to him....

I don't know what I'm doing here.  Beer was involved.

The dogs wanted to help, but sadly they lack thumbs.
Off comes the crank.

Finally!  It is a lot easier when you have SRAM's little tool on hand...which we didn't.
Removing the rear derailleur.

Seat post in, but needs new binder. The Cervelo fork looks cool, but will need to but cut.

The Girl is nakey.

Crank is on, but only to check for fit. BB needs to be faced and chased.

Installing rear breaks.
My old FSA K-Force Carbon bars and Fulcrum 7 Racing Wheels (Orig. came w/ R3.)

SRAM Rival gruppo
I hooked up the break cables and adjusted the pads.

Derailleurs installed.
OMG... I can't wait to finish building her!!!

A Cylon Invasion (Welcomed)

Awww.. Look, at all my girls together.
My sassy red frame has arrived!  Oh, and how pretty she is!  I can hardly wait for the weekend!  Funny, I still haven't managed to name my R3, and I've had her at least a month or more, but this one I knew as soon as I pulled her from the box.  I will call her Caprica.  I think it's a perfect name for a bike with a sassy red paint job.  I don't think that my dog ("Six") will mind sharing her namesake. :D

Caprica 6, BSG
As for workouts, on Monday, I ran for an hour.  The Superfeet that I put in my running shoes seems to have solved my knee pains that I was associating with running as I predicted.  Now I just need to solve the bike knee pain!  1.0 did make an adjustment to my cleat, so we'll see if that helps when I ride tonight.  If it doesn't I will just have to make the trip to the bike shop.  I hate errands.  I shouldn't be such a baby, but I am. 

Yesterday, I got quite a bit of exercise!  I did my usual pool workout, followed by an hour on the treadmill, but then after work, I got an itch to go bouldering!  I haven't been in ages it seems, but the other day I was gathering up my gear in an attempt to be more organized, and it reminded me that I should go.  So I did!  It was crazy busy at the gym, which bothers me a bit, but I still had a good time.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monkey-Butt & Stinky-Cheese

M-B is as big as me now!
By the time I got home from work last night, all I really wanted to do was spend time with my kids and not move.  So that's what I did.  There's a reason I had traded Fridays to be my rest day instead of Monday, and it's just that I am pooped out at the end of the work week!  I want to be with my family!  I had a feeling on Monday when I switched them back that I would regret it. 

As I was driving home and the rain was pounding down on my car, I was just thinking of how much I wanted to see Monkey-Butt and Stinky-Cheese.  I don't regret my decision for a moment.  My time was well spent last night, even if it was just helping them on the computer issue and getting nowhere. lol

This morning, I awoke to the sound of the wind howling.  While wind is generally a pain in the ass while riding a bike, unfortunately, in my neighborhood, it is also rather dangerous.  It can get very blustery, and with all of the huge fir trees, the risk of getting hit with fallen cones, limbs, and heaven forbid worse, are eminent.  Sadly, I have seen some pretty horrible accidents with very grim results due to the wind and trees around here. :(  It is enough to keep me on the trainer or riding in another area on days like these.

S-C will be 12 next month!
Needless to say, I spent a very LONG 2 hours and 45 minutes this morning on the trainer in my dining room. *groan* I still haven't gone back to Donnie to have my fit adjusted, so my right knee is still bothering me on the bike.  I should do it, but where is the time??

I feel like this weekend should belong to the boys...the boys and me.  We all played Magic the Gathering together.  I can't say that I totally get it, but Monkey-Butt is just tickled pink that I am playing with him, since Stinky-Cheese seems to have "grown out of it."  Stinky-Cheese was on my team so that he could help me learn.  I just love them.  I feel like time is just slipping by so quickly...  They are growing so fast...  M-B will be in high school next fall, and S-C in middle school!  I think I am starting to feel a little scared.  The reality that it won't be so long before I am an "empty-nester" is hitting me.  Then what??  WTF will I do then??  Who the heck am I without my sons?  I feel like I have been Mom since the day I was born...

I know that a lot of the reason that I started running and cycling was so that I would have something of my own.  I am very grateful for it too.  It is also something that I want my sons to see me do and be proud of me.  I want them to see that if you put your mind to something and work hard, you can achieve your goals, and do things that others never would have thought possible.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An eBay "Fetish"

After a lot of searching, I finally found a frame for my rain bike!  Yay eBay!  Not too shabby for $90 and free shipping.  I think she'll look kinda cute with the black/silver/white fork from my old Cervelo RS...
Bare Fetish Cycles Freccia Aluminum Road Frame, 53cm (No Decals)
I am very excited to build a bike for the first time.  I think that it is very important that I see the process start to finish, because it will help me understand my bike better as a whole.  I don't want to be just a dumb chick on a bike.  My bike has always symbolized independence to me, and if I expect to be independent, I need to be able to take care of problems that come up on rides.  I can change a tube fairly efficiently, put a dropped chain back on, and make minor tuning adjustments.  I would really like to know know more however!  It all just fascinates me, and I often find myself envying the mechanics at the bike shops I frequent. (Then they remind me how much money they make...I guess I won't be making a career change just yet.) :/

I think the red is rather pretty.
As for a car, I will admit that I don't give a rats a** how it works.  As long as it goes "VROOM VROOM" when I turn the key, that's all I care about!  I am totally not above looking cute and batting my eyelashes when it comes to getting a man (or a car-savy chica) to help me with my POS car! lol  That said, I can't wait to get my rain bike built!  I will be able to do my errands on it, which means LESS DRIVING!  WOOT!
Those may need to come off...^^^
Fetish Cycle Freccia description:
The new Fetish Cycles custom aero aluminum tube set is designed for performance in aerodynamics. The bi-oval shaped top tube is specifically made to have structural rigidity. The bladed shaped down tube is made to glide through the air with minimum wind resistance. In order to decrease the drag of the rear wheel, the Freccia seat tube is aero shaped and also has a cutout for the rear wheel. The steeper head tube and seat tube will position you over the crank so you are in a more aero ride position. The rear seat and chain stays are triangular shaped for the most effective transfer of energy. The Freccia frame comes in a high gloss apple red.
1.1/8 Steertube
68mm English Bottom Bracket
27.2 Seatpost

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Velotine's Day!

I don't know these people, but I can totally relate to this guy.
Most people who know me well, know that I am rather...how shall I put it...anti-relationship?! lol  I mean, let's face it, I signed up for an Ironman so that I would have an excuse to not date!  And, if I ever were to have some sort of weak moment, and consider an offer, my busy training schedule, (plus work and kids) would come to my rescue.  I'm the first to admit it; when it comes to love, Cervelo Girl is damaged goods. lol

"And here’s your Valentine’s Day forecast: Disappointment with intermittent pockets of candy eating."
~Jim Gaffigan

Do I sound depressed, because I'm not!  I'm actually quite content at the present.  I have great sons, who are smart and funny, and 2 very silly dogs, and then there is my bike, (we can't forget her!)  I also have amazing friends who support me every day.

Speaking of friends, my friend Jason - a bike mechanic and talented artist in Pennsylvania, came up with an awesome V-Day bike-themed spin-off: Velotine's Day!  Isn't this so much better??  Instead of a holiday of disappointment, overpriced greeting cards, and heart-shaped antacids that say "Hug Me" on them, we can celebrate our love for the ride and for our bikes!

I think this is really a holiday I can get into! :)

On another note: My pool workout went very well this morning.  I pre-medicated with my albuterol inhaler before getting into the pool.  I did 2500 yards, and it did take me a few extra minutes.  I took about 5 minutes to change into my running clothes and use the restroom.  I used my inhaler again as well.  45 minutes on the treadmill went surprisingly well!  I am so glad this cold was short-lived!  I am also glad that I took it easy like I did and didn't overdo it over the weekend.  I was sad to miss my bike ride, but getting more sick just wasn't worth it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

That's Some Sessy Steel!

I saw this beauty at the Seattle Bike Swap yesterday.  Very very prurdy.  Sadly, I didn't find anything to follow me home.  I would love to build a rain bike out of what's left of my old bike.  All I need is an aluminum frame.  Ideally, I'd like to use my old componentry, seat-post, and fork.  It's doable.  I just need to be patient and watch Craigslist.

On another topic, I had to skip my run yesterday, as I was still not up to it.  Stupid asthma.  I feel a lot better today, but I can tell that my lungs are still weak.  I am going to do my 45 minute ride, but as for the run afterward...we shall see.  Perhaps a walk?...  I do plan to hit the pool tomorrow as usual.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Hitch in My Get-Along

It seems that I have managed to catch another cold... Although Thursday's pool workout and 45 minute bike ride went fine, I could tell that I was still stuffy when I woke up that morning.  I did a lot of sneezing throughout the day, too.  By afternoon when I had my massage, I was really stuffed up, but I was still trying to convince myself that it was allergies-related.  When I woke up Friday morning, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  My head was stuffed up and felt like I was in an airplane.  The sinus pressure and right ear pressure was actually quite painful.  My nose was dripping quite voluntarily, and I believe I may have sneezed over a million times over the course of the day.  By the time I left the clinic, I was a wreck.  My doc did look in my ears and listened to my chest though..  My right ear has some fluid in it and pressure, but isn't infected, and my lungs were clear.  That's reassuring. :)  I was very glad that Friday was my planned rest day.

Today I attempted to go on a 2 1/2 hour bike ride.  I made it just over a mile before I realized I just wasn't strong enough to go on, and I turned around.  At that point, I made it another 2-3 blocks before I asked 1.0 to ride to the car so he could come back and pick me up.  Wow...  :(

I am really surprised that I am sick again...  I am usually so healthy!  I hardly ever get sick, so for me to get sick twice like this...  It is discouraging, but it is what it is I suppose.  On the bright side, it gives the inflammation in my knees some time to settle down.  Oh, and I bought a humidifier!  I really like it. :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

23 Minutes.

"Most people never run far enough  on their first  wind to find out they've got a second.  Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you."

~ William James

My run was cut short tonight.  My allergies seem to be acting up and triggering some asthma.  With my lungs burning and unhappy, and the concern for my knees, I figured a sorter run tonight was in order.  23 minutes. *sigh*

I think the shoe inserts helped though!  Yay!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Knees.. Blah Blah Blah

My knees hurt.  Just so you know, I'm whining, but I'm doing it internally, because no one is really around to listen to me bitch.  If someone was around, they would probably tell me to shut up, so it is really in my best interest to blog about it. *sigh*

There are few things that I can attribute the knee pain to:

1. The recent change in bike/fit.
2. I do not have inserts in my running shoes anymore.
3. I have increased my running mileage in general.

Today after work I popped by REI and bought a new pair of green Superfeet.  That is what I used to use up until last year when I took a break from long distance running.  Incidentally, I broke my swim cap this morning, so I bought one of those too... This one is "female specific"... What on earth does that mean?

Since I have been running more, I suppose it could be appropriate to revisit some old physical therapy strengthening exercises and stretches, to help support the knees better.

I think I also should swing by the bike shop and see what Donnie thinks.  I know that some of this is bike-related, because I could feel it on my long ride the other day.  I have a feeling that with a minor adjustment to my cleats, and that would be cleared right up.

Yesterday's workout: 45 minutes on the bike trainer and 15 minute run outside, with a quick change.  The workout went fine, other than the mild knee discomfort.

Today, I went to the pool and swam 2500 yards without stopping!  I was very pleased with myself!  I can't believe that I did it!  I think that I am mostly impressed that I kept count! lol  The first 1000 years was rather sucky, but then I was into it, and it was more fun.  I am feeling more confident.  It only took my 45 minutes, so that made also made me feel reassured that I would be able to rise to the occasion come race day.  Small confession:  The idea of open water is freaking me out a little... After my swim, I was supposed to run for an hour, but I was too nervous about my knees.  I opted to walk instead.  Walking on the treadmill is not only boring, but it feels rather humiliating. *sigh* I ended up walking for 27 minutes and running for 3, for the lame grand total of 30 minutes.  Oh well.  My knees still hurt and I am scheduled to run an hour tomorrow... Frak.

Oh!  On an entirely different topic... I took down the Christmas tree today.  I don't care what anyone says... I think it was time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aches and Pains

Yesterday's one hour run completed training week 7.  It was a good run and I felt strong.  I enjoyed running outside.

I have noticed in the past week or so, some discomfort in my knees at various times.  Sometimes it is the right, and sometimes the left.  I think I'd better put my inserts back into my running shoes, and see if that helps.  My other complaint is that the running is causing some increased back pain.  I am trying to combat it with a massage session on Thursdays.  It is making it harder to sleep...  I hope to get some relief soon. :(

Week 7 in review:

Bike 4 hrs
Run 3 hrs
Swim 2 hours

Total training time: 9 hrs

No climbing... I just didn't have the steam this week. :(

I heart Craigslist

Wow. I was not aware until now that Diamondback made bikes specifically designed for child labor...

Little Kids DiamondBack Lil'One Mexican Market Cargo Trike - $150 (Green Lake)

Date: 2012-02-06, 8:43AM PST
Reply to: XXX

This was brought back from Mexico, and these are typically used to sell bread and/or flowers at the market. It has 16-inch wheels, single speed coaster brake, and limited turning radius to help stability.
Please email a phone number, as I don't want to post my phone number all over the internets.
$150 Cash only, no checks.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm going to Ironman KONA!

I just booked my flight... I'm going to Hawaii from October 8-17th, to be a spectator at the mighty mother of awesomeness...  I'm going to Ironman KONA!  Woot!

250 days to go!
Kailua-Kona, Hawaiʻi
October 13, 2012
2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run
How Ironman Began

As with many things, the idea of Ironman started with a friendly debate. In 1977 a group of naval officers began to question which type of athlete was most fit - the swimmer, the cyclist, or the runner. To settle it, Commander John Collins cobbled together a race that combined the three major endurance races on the island of Oahu (where they were all stationed) - the Waikiki Roughwater Swim (2.4 miles), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (115 miles), and the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles). Being the resourceful Navy man that he was, CDR Collins figured out that if he shaved three miles off the bike leg and ran it counter-clockwise, it could start at the end of the swim and finish at the traditional starting line for the marathon.

With the distances agreed upon and a rudimentary set of rules in place, on February 18, 1978, fifteen athletes competed in the very first “Ironman” - the named coined by CDR Collins for the winner of the race.

That distinction went to George Haller, with a winning time of 11 hours, 46 minutes, and 58 seconds.
The Move to Kona

In 1981 the race was permanently moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to get away from the traffic and congestion of Honolulu. While the move was rooted in practicality, it also had a profound effect on the nature of the race. There were no longer just 140.6 miles to conquer for each athlete, there were the elements.

The miles and miles of lava fields along the Kona coast introduced heat and strong winds into the race equation, making it the world’s signature man-versus-nature test of endurance, stamina, and heart.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deep Thoughts, with Cervelo Girl

Holy hell, she's sexy.
Today was absolutely GORGEOUS, and a perfect day for my long ride.  What could be better than perfectly blue skies, sunny, and nearly 60 degrees, in Seattle in February??  I really could not have asked for anything better.  I was like a kid in a big outdoor candy store. :)  1.0 and I did just over 2 1/2 hours on the Burke Gilman/Sammamish River Trail, and we had a blast.

I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon a few things that I seem to notice when riding on the Eastside, and urban bike trails in general.

1. How many frakin' greyhounds really need rescuing, for frak sake??  Is this really such a huge problem still??  Every East-sider and their mailman has a greyhound!  What's really stupid, is that none of the people who own, who are out on the trail, are actually RUNNING!  Rescued or not, greyhounds need and want to run.  Good grief.  They are like the P.C. purse dog.  Barf. 

2. Why do women travel in packs, and why do they insist on walking 4-abreast on the trail??  They are like a Texas road block.  When I pass them, I am always polite and say, "on your left," and make sure I give space so I don't scare them, so why is it they love to yell, "TOO FAST!"  Ugh!  I'm not going too fast lady!  I am usually barely doing the trail speed limit while passing.  One lady kind of got under my skin today.  She really belted at me, and I was consciously being polite and cautious.  Something unkind ran through my mind to yell back, but I managed to hold back.  Good girl...

Me on my hybrid years ago, before I had any fancy gear.
My old hybrid. This is actually the bike I was hit by the car on.
3. People who ride bikes with flat handlebars look so weird when they ride on the trail.  Now I may get myself in some trouble with this one!  lol  Not ALL of you hybrid riders look weird!  Just some of you. lol  Let me explain myself... Let's start with "chicken elbows."  Why ride with your elbows out?  It isn't necessary to look like a chicken, flapping it's wings, just because the bar is flat.  Relax folks, and drop them elbows!  Now onto "beer gut knees."  This is actually a weird phenomenon that is not just limited to hybrid riders, but I notice it more among them.  I assume this is because a lot of people who ride those bikes use bar pedals and aren't properly fit to their bikes, and many are more casual riders.  "Beer gut knees," whether you have a beer gut or not, is what I call it when people ride with their knees splayed outward, (kind of like those chicken elbows.)  The combo of the knees and elbows out look particularly ridiculous, especially from behind.  And finally, my favorite weird thing I see hybrid riders do, is what I like to call, "wind dodging."  "Wind dodging" is what I assume the hybrid cyclist is doing when they are trying to go fast, and their bodies start bobbing back and forth as they madly pedal with their beer gut knees out legs, and their chicken elbows.  With all of the wind resistance they create with their bodies, perhaps the quick dodging motion is to dodge the wind as it comes at them??  I like that theory.  It is funny in my own little mind.  I should mention that I started out on a hybrid, and it was indeed the bike that made me fall in love with cycling.  I actually would really like to own one again.

1.0 and Cervelo Girl closing out the day.
Well, that's all the time we have for "Deep Thoughts" with Cervelo Girl. :)