Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi blogging friends. I am sorry I have disappeared somewhat, (or maybe I just feel like I have.) Everything will be ok, but I have had to focus my attention on something even more important than my training.



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sun? Yes!

Round yellow ball icon GOOD.
This weekend should be wonderful for riding! Cervelo Girl approves.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Women Specific Geometry: C.G.'s Truth

Jez has a new forum on his blog and I was reading it this evening and ended up posting the following in response. I had been planning to do a post on Women Specific Geometry for awhile so I figured I'd share my little rant here too. 

"Women Specific Geometry" imho is a bunch of bull sh*t. The actual difference in the length of the top tube generally between the mens bike and the womens bike of the same model is usually within a .5-1 cm of each other. The look of the frame itself really isn't much different anymore, since a road bike doesn't have a step-through. WSG is totally a marketing scheme designed to get the ladies to go out and buy bikes, and think oh wow, this was made special for women. Big whoop. Most times when something is made in a female version, it isn't even made as well. The biggest truth is that all humans are built differently, and have different riding needs. There are a lot of dudes with short torsos out there, and women with short legs. What WSG should really be called is non-aggressive-geometry, because truly those bikes are made so that the rider sits more upright. These bike manufacturers know what they are doing though, and I am sure that they are making big bucks selling these bikes to women who think they are getting what is best for them. In some cases, maybe they are, but can you honestly see ME on an upright bike...sitting up like a gosh darned wind sail?? No! I ride like a bat outa hell! Not only do I ride a "mens bike" but my stem is flipped downward, and my bars are dropped down. So what about other women like me? They may have typical female builds, but they want to go fast. And what about the men who don't care much for the speed, or just want to commute, or they have bad backs and want to be upright? By putting the WSG label on bikes that could be perfect for them, it may turn many men away, or they may not even know those bike could be the perfect option for them. Oh damn... I'm all fired up now... lol

PS. The thing I said about the measurement of the top tube, I meant to say .5 - 1 INCH (not cm). My bad. After I wrote that on his forum, I actually checked the Specialized website (because they are just drunk on that WSG crap) and I was pretty damn spot on! (had I not typo-ed. lol) I compared a 54 Ruby Compact with a 54 Roubaix Compact, and the difference in toptube length was 2.4 cm (.94 inches). The headtubes were actually the same length and at the same angle. So you do realize that technically, all people could ride the same geometry of bike, and just switch out the stems and adjust the handlebars?.. Now that part is just a theory. 1.0, I'd love to hear your take on this...

PPS. I have nothing against WSG bikes, I just have something against calling them that. :)

PPPS. You can visit Jez's new forum by clicking HERE

Specialized Ruby Compact
Seat-Tube Length, B-B Center to Top385mm415mm445mm480mm510mm
Top-Tube Length, Horizontal493mm501mm508mm524mm547mm
B-B Drop73mm73mm73mm73mm71.5mm
Chain-Stay Length412mm415mm415mm415mm417mm
Seat-Tube Angle75.75°75.75°75.5°74°73.5°
Head-Tube Angle70.25°71.25°71.5°72°72°
Fork Rake51mm51mm51mm49mm49mm
Stand-Over Height692mm714mm740mm765mm792mm
Head-Tube Length120mm130mm140mm165mm190mm
Handle-Bar Width36mm38mm40mm40mm42mm
Stem Length75mm75mm90mm100mm100mm
Crank Length165mm165mm170mm170mm175mm
Seat-Post Length300mm300mm300mm300mm350mm

Specialized Roubaix Compact
Seat-Tube Length, B-B Center to Top445mm475mm495mm515mm540mm565mm
Top-Tube Length, Horizontal518mm537mm548mm565mm582mm600mm
B-B Drop73mm73mm71.5mm71.5mm70mm70mm
Chain-Stay Length412mm412mm415mm415mm418mm420mm
Seat-Tube Angle75.5°74°73.5°73.25°73°72.5°
Head-Tube Angle72°72°72°72.5°72.5°73°
Fork Rake49mm49mm49mm49mm49mm49mm
Stand-Over Height730mm756mm776mm798mm829mm851mm
Head-Tube Length125mm145mm165mm190mm225mm245mm
Handle-Bar Width40mm42mm42mm42mm44mm44mm
Stem Length75mm90mm100mm100mm110mm110mm
Crank Length170mm170mm170mm175mm175mm175mm
Seat-Post Length300mm300mm350mm350mm350mm350mm

Standing Room Only

Goodbye couch!
Hello bike corral!
I had the day off today, so I attempted to be productive in my house. I did...OK. I did manage to put a few things I have been meaning to sell on craigslist. One thing that I hadn't totally thought through selling, was my couch..or my couches rather. Um, they're sold now! It only took 3 hours! I'm waiting for the guy to come back with the cash and a truck. I guess I have more room for bikes now! Hmm.. I think the boys are going to be displeased when they have nowhere to sit, and I am sitting on a bike attached to a trainer! lol
Now everything ties in with the diningroom!

My sons have the weirdest childhood...

I also sold an old wheelset, well almost. The guy was all set to buy it, but then he called back and apparently "The Wife" (man, wives can be so lame) put the kibosh on spending the money! What a rip! The poor guy broke a spoke and damaged his wheel on his way home and now he can't ride! I'm glad I don't have a wife. Is it weird that I almost wanted to give them to him?? I guess they're back on the market! lol

I was supposed to take the roller skate through emissions today. Whoops! My tabs are expired. :/ I hate that stupid car anyway. Maybe I should just suspend the insurance and just go back to biking full-time again. I wonder if the boys would smother me in my sleep this time...

Shimano R500 Wheelset, 700c, 1884g (pair)

Great for rain/winter bike or for spare wheelset. $150 obo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Snarky Lady

Today I decided to ride Lucy to the Y, for my pool and run workout. It was a bit cooler out today, so I put on my heavier gear, including my MJ jacket and my lighter lobster claw gloves. I was warm enough. My toes were white and numb when I was undressing in the locker room, but what else is new??

My pool workout was nice. I really pushed myself. I started with a 400 yrd warm-up, and then did 5 x 50 yrds with the kick-board. I have been using the kick-board a lot lately, and I really think that it is improving my kicking strength, technique, and all around awareness to maintain a strong kick throughout my swim. It is easy to get limp legs. lol

When I was on my 3rd kicking 50, a lady jumped into my lane with me. There is sort of an etiquette to lane sharing. I can't speak for every pool, but at this one, if there are 2 swimmers in the lane, they will split the lane, each taking their own side of it. If a 3rd swimmer joins, then the swimmers must use the lane as if it were lanes of traffic; stay to the right and go in a circle. The lanes are also designated by speed: SLOW, MEDIUM, and FAST. Common sense would seem to dictate that if you are dead slow...stay in the slow lane. lol Anyway, this lady joined my lane and then seemed to ignore the "split the lane" thing, and started down my side. I adjusted my course. When I got to the other end of the pool, I moved my things over to that side of the lane, and prepared to push off from the wall. Well, she switched sides too. *sigh* "She must not understand," I thought, so I waited for her to swim down to me, so I could talk to her. When she stopped I said, "would you like to split the lane?" and she says in this very condescending tone, "Ooooh! That's what you want to do?" Then she pushes off the wall and breast strokes away. Huh...? I was totally polite...

I saw this church on a ride the other day and thought it was kinda cool.
After I finished my kick drills, I did 10 x 50 yrd sprints with 10 second rests, followed by 6 x 100 yrds at 80% exertion, with 20 second rests. Just as I was finishing up my 100s, another swimmer came out onto the deck looking for a lane to join. There were 4 lanes open for lap swimming, and all of them had at least 2 swimmers in them already. This is everyone's nightmare. I looked up at him and said, "how's the math?" "Not good," he answered. He was looking for a lane to join where the combination of swimmers he would be with, may actually be able to successfully swim a circle together. This means they all need to be similarly paced. Good luck with that! The only person in that pool he matched was me. He belonged in my lane, and we both knew it.

As he sat down to get in the pool, I saw him glance at the lane sign. He looked irritated. He looked at my lane partner. I felt bad for him. Then he says, "people don't pay attention to the pace signs!" He was right, and they are there for a reason. Our lane partner was approaching so I decided to take action and I tapped her. She stopped and said, "I'll just go in an empty lane." When we told her that they were all full, she almost snarkily says (while looking right at me), "Well I can go in a circle!" At this point I very politely (I swear to God I was polite! I was really trying!) pointed to the lane sign and said, "Well, this is actually the fast lane, so I'm not..." but she had cut me off. "Well that shouldn't be a problem. You haven't passed me yet!" WTF? I was speechless. (I was lapping her when I was just using the flippin' kick-board! BTW) I looked at the man, and he looked as confused as me. Clearly this was a woman who was not playing with a full deck. There was really nothing left to be said! lol Luckily, just then, a lane opened up and she took it. *phew*

After all of that nonsense, I did another 8 x 50 yrd sprints, 4 x 50 yrd kick drills, and then finished up with a 200 yrd cool-down. It was a great swim. I pushed myself really hard and it felt great. After my swim, it was time to run. I had planned to run 3 miles, but I ended up running 4. I felt great! I even considered going longer, but I decided that I could lengthen my run Wednesday if I want to. I was very careful to eat my chews and drink plenty of water throughout my workout. I hate tanking, and I can do it really easy. I was pretty pooped on my ride home, but I made it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Yikes! My Race Is Becoming REAL!

I just received an email from IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Stevens! Here is what it said:


Dear Athletes,

On behalf of the IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Stevens team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our participants, as well as their families and friends. We thank you for making this event a stop on your race calendar!

With the incredible support from the local communities and businesses, we are excited to provide you with an incredible race experience. The 2012 course features a 1.2-mile swim in the crystal clear and calm waters of Lake Stevens. The new one-loop, 56-mile bike course takes athletes past old growth forests, tree farms, and many lakes. The two-loop, 13.1-mile run along the north shore of Lake Stevens, allows friends and family many opportunities to cheer you towards the finish.

I would like to thank the cities of Lake Stevens, Granite Falls and Snohomish County for all of their support in making this first-class venue available to the athletes. Due to our wonderful volunteers, you will have a better understanding of northwestern hospitality come race day!

I hope you enjoy your time in Lake Stevens and I look forward to seeing you reach your goals at the finish line!

Best of Luck,
Keats McGonigal
Race Director, IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Stevens

RACE 411
What you need to know...

Plan to watch the 20-minute athlete video before picking up your race packet.
• The swim will be an in-water, wave start. Swim waves will be based on age groups.
Be prepared for the rolling hills on the bike course, as there are very few flat sections.
• Train with the same equipment and nutritional plan you use during the race.
Bring friends and family to watch the entire race unfold from North Cove Park.  

The email also included a link to each of the course maps. Here they are!

A Trip To REI

On the Fremont Bridge. Seattle, WA
I have always wanted to ride all the way downtown Seattle from my house, and now I've done it! It was never the mileage that worried me; just the route. As it turns out, it really wasn't that difficult. Much of it was on a separated bike path, or in a designated bike lane. I can't say that if I started working downtown again that I would make a habit of biking in every day though... Portions of the trail went through parts of town that I didn't feel 100% comfortable in. I wasn't worried yesterday, because there were a lot of people out, and I had 1.0 with me, but early in the morning...alone...that would be a different story.

Lake Union
There were definitely a few good climbs on this ride; Of course there was the Meridian hill that I always complain about. (It isn't so bad really, it's just that I am trying to take my hills standing up and sprint them, so they feel suckier.) Our route led us south on Freemont Ave, and on 65th, we needed to take a right (head West) to get up to Phinney Ave. 65th is pretty flippin' steep! Of course on the way back, what was a fun descent into Freemont on Freemont Ave, was one LONG climb back up. The grade wasn't challenging, though.

I was a little nervous riding when we got all the way downtown. The stupid old train tracks are nerve-wracking, plus the roads are just crap in general down there!  There are pot holes and and chunks of pavement missing everywhere! I opted for the sidewalk. Luckily REI is very close once you come off the trail at the south end of Lake Union.

When we arrived at REI, I was very hesitant to lock up my Cervelo outside with the other bikes on the racks. First of all, most of them were pretty beat up. I seriously doubted that anyone was going to take care not to bump there bike into mine; scratching or chipping it. I was also concerned about theft. I did have the nicest bike there. I never lock Fiona up actually. She always comes in wherever I go.

While I was deciding what to do, I noticed another Cervelo chained up to the rack. It was quite a sight! It had obviously been ridden like mad, was a bit older, and was covered in...stickers. What stood out to me the most though, was the fork. A few weeks ago, one of the blogs that I follow posted about a cyclist who had been killed, and it had turned out it had been due to a recalled Cervelo/Wolf fork. Read that post by clicking HERE. This guy had that recalled fork, and I couldn't just walk away and do nothing! I ended up finding an employee who got me a piece of paper and pen, so I could leave a little note. He also told me there was another bike rack on the inside of the store that I could use that was far more secure. Yay! Karma for the win! As I was locking up my bike, the Cervelo owner had come back and found my note. The REI employee pointed out who I was and he came over and thanked me. I felt good. Like Paul said, we need to watch out for our fellow bicycle riders!

So what wonderful goodness did I find at REI do you ask?? Oh Mama! Well, I did good! I have been wanting to replace my rock climbing shoes for awhile now, but 1. they are pricey, and 2. they were out of season until recently. BUT with my REI dividend, (which was significant) and my 20% off coupon, I bought a new pair of La Sportiva Miura climbing shoes, and a boat-load of my favorite energy chews, and when I got to the register, they ended up owing ME $3.00! How awesome is that?!

Total miles traveled: 30 miles

Here is just a little treat. This is a video of 1.0 this past Saturday, on his slackline. I swear the man could be in a circus! Enjoy!