Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New Addition

Hi all! It's been awhile! Life has been busy and full since my return from Hawaii. My calves are 100% now, I believe, so it's back to training for me...finally! I have been going nuts without exercise! I am fairly concerned about the toll this injury has taken on my ability to be fully prepared for my race... I already missed one scheduled running race, which was a bummer, because it is a fun event and for a good cause; juvenile diabetes. My next event is that Issaquah tri. I don't feel ready at all, but that could just be nerves...the distances aren't bad. I feel out of shape nonetheless. It's been a good 2 weeks sitting on my rear eating!

Nirve Cruiser, Classic Beaulieu Vineyard, Handmade
In other news, I got a new bike! I have been wanting a cruiser for ages, and yesterday, this gal at work gave me her "old" one. It is not more than a couple years old and it's in perfect condition! It is a Nirve Cruiser and she's shiny and red. She has this sweet springy seat, and coaster brakes. I like her a lot! I feel like a kid when I ride her. So much fun!


  1. Welcome back! Don't sweat the time off - it is always good to plan for some unplanned rest during any long-term preparations. Sweet cruiser!

  2. Glad the injury is better :) Love the bike but what are you going to call her?

  3. Cool bike!
    Don't get too hung up on following your plan to the letter of the law; life happens and we must adapt.

    1. Good advice, thank you Charlie. I have a tough time with that in general, but it is something that I am really trying to work on.