Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fiona's Last Ride...Until Wednesday.

He gave me a bike lamp!

I did my last ride today, before I have to box up Fiona for the flight to Hawaii on Tuesday. I was a gorgeous day, and an awesome ride. Jess and I met up with a couple of his cycling friends and did a very enjoyable 50 miler. I hadn't thought I had met Bob or Todd before, but as it turns out, we had done the same bike race last summer, and we all remembered each other. Pretty cool! They were strong riders, so it made for a fun day.

I received a very nice compliment at the end of the ride... Jess said that Bob told him, "You've got a strong one there, Jess. We've ridden with a lot of women, and she's the only one whose kept up with us." I was tickled pink. (I think Jess was too.) :)

I took this cool bike shot yesterday in the U. District.

Today was one of those rides that reminds you why you love this sport. It was a sunny and beautiful day, and just the right temperature for a long ride. Things feel perfect in the world when you're on a ride like that. Things felt pretty perfect today.

The hose was a wired sleeve, so you can bend it to sit where you like.

PS. I got my Speedfil water bottle today! It is all mounted and oozing awesomeness and functionality! Jess gave her a tune-up and a wash, so she is all ready to soak up some rays with me in Hawaii!


  1. Hum…that Speedfill bottle looks a lot like a gas tank. If you average, say, 45 MPH, I am going to demand the UCI look for a 2-stroke motor hidden in your bottom bracket, ala Fabian Cancellara. Just say’n. Anyway, good luck in Hawaii.

  2. Good luck in Hawaii. Looking forward to reading about it...