Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hawi to Pololu Ride

Made it safe and sound to the Big Island of Hawaii. It is great to see my little brother, his wife, and their two boys. They manage a vacation rental here in Hawi, so the boys and I are staying in an awesome cottage, on a beautiful piece of land (and for free!)

I was unhappy to find that Alaska Airlines managed to damage one of the buckles on my bike box, but what was more upsetting was that after they opened the box to do an inspection, they didn't even bother to re-close it properly. I am going to file a complaint. It is completely unacceptable that they treat expensive luggage in this manner. My bike seems to suffering from a few issues too... Jesse had done a full tune just before I left, but now it is shifting like crap and I am pretty sure that there is something bent in the front derailleur.

Despite all that, I did have a nice short and hilly 16.5 mile ride this morning from Hawi to Pololu. It was gorgeous, and it felt great to stretch my legs. There was hardly any traffic and the sun wasn't too hot, so it was a very enjoyable ride!


  1. Hey glad you're having an enjoyable time out there but sorry about your bike, that really sucks. Time to get Jesse to teach you how to do your own mechanics!

    Hope you have a great time and get some nice miles in.


  2. Thanks Jez!

    Yes, I'm a bit miffed with them... I called yesterday and they said I have to take it up with TSA. Jeez. But I here, ya know?? I am still having a blast, riding in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I can't be too bummed, right??

  3. oh while you're there I highly recommend this ride (complete with stop at Tako in Waimea for burritos)!