Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hawi Road: Up and Up and UP!

Two words describe my ride this morning: HOT and HILLY!

I started in Hawi and took Hawi road up to Hwy 250 towards Waimea. Hawi road is stupid steep. I haven't had a chance to check the data from my Garmin, but at one point I looked and it showed my grade at 15%! (Interestingly, I mapped my route on MapMyRide, and it showed the climb no steeper than 11%. Weird.) I got a later start, (7:30am) so it was also stupid hot, so it made for an uncomfortable initial climb. The wind was also ever present. Eventually, the grade became a bit more reasonable (6-8%) and I started enjoying myself much much more.

Once I broke the tree line, the wind became very intense. It was coming from the side, and I could barely stay upright. I was a bit disappointed because it was so incredibly beautiful up there! The rolling hills of green grass pastures and the blue ocean far below was epic. Alas, I was really struggling to even stand to take a picture, so I knew it was time to turn around and go back.

The descent was fun, but slower than I would have liked. I had to be cautious of my speed due to the crazy side winds and powerful sudden gusts. It was a shorter ride than I would have liked, mile-wise, but I worked for those miles for sure!

I forgot to mention... The local pool here is closed for repair, so I am having a hard time figuring out my swim training. Yes. I am aware I am surrounded by an ocean full of water to swim in, but in order to train in the ocean, I need a spotter. I am not comfortable just taking off into the open water alone. I like being alive. ;)