Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Open Water Swim!

I got in my first open water swim the other day at the Captain Cook Monument, in South Kona. Ok, I'll admit it, I was a little scared. I had a bit of trouble keeping my head down in the water; I assume because there was nothing down there I could see that marked where to go - like there is in a pool. The only way to check your location is to lift you head out of the water and glance at your surroundings. I couldn't see anything when I was just breathing to the side. Although the flawed head positioning does impair hydrodynamics, I don't think I was doing too shabby (for a first try). Luckily, I watched the video right after it was taken, so I was able to make a correction right on the spot. :)


  1. I'm no expert in swimming but you're looking good there. Nice high elbows, body rotation and good kick. Your left arm is more lazy than your right it would seem (comes out flatter across the water)

    Breathing is always my downfall, I never get enough air on front crawl until more recently when I learnt to glide on my strokes a lot more. I used to practice in the pool with the tri club at doing less strokes for the length of the pool without loosing time. It made me more efficient!

    1. I am slightly weaker on my left side. I had an injury several years ago that is totally healed, but I never quite have evened up the strength in that arm and shoulder. It is definitely better than it used to be! lol