Saturday, December 24, 2011

Faster Than a Speeding Pitbull!

My Girl looks so sexy I can't even stand it!
After my ride yesterday, I stopped in at Bothell Ski and Bike. I treated myself to a very cute Castelli jersey, which was 50% off. I think all of their short sleeve jerseys are 50% off right now incidentally... I got to talking to one of the kids (ok.. a young man) who works there...I didn't catch his name, but I've seen him before, and I asked him about lowering my bars. He said it would be really easy and that he could do it really quick for free if I brought in my bike. I had no intentions of letting him actually touch her, but I thought I could let him show me what he was talking about. ;) It turned out to be a very simple thing, and because Donny was there helping (you can trust Donny.. he has been there forever), I let them flip my stem. My bars are significantly lower now! My girl looks so sexy I can't even stand it! I mean check her out!! She just looks like she wants to go fast!

I wasn't supposed to ride today, but I really wanted to try out the new positioning of my bars. I went to The BGT. Today is Christmas and it was windy, but the sun was starting to poke through as I started my ride. The lowered bars felt really cool! I was pleased with them immediately.

There were a lot of people on the trail in the Kenmore area, and right around where I pass the bike shop, I passed a group of young people who had 3 leash. *sigh* Well I can say now that I can out ride a Pitbull! LOL I jumped right out of my saddle and I bombed outta there! My heart was pumping so fast! I was pretty impressed with my get-up-and-go though! lol Yup. I owned that dog. :D Needless to say, they were all on leashes when I passed them on my way back! I made a funny comment about "really having to turn on the heat earlier," and they all laughed. I didn't want to be a jerk. They had obviously learned and corrected the problem.

I did have a 35 minute run to do for training, so I kept the ride short. 26 minutes to be exact...just enough time to have a little fun with my new bars. By the time I got back to my car, the sun was shining brilliantly! What a glorious day it turned out to be! My run went perfect. No complaints. I love the bike ride warm-up! I can tell that the climbing has helped strengthen my core. I can feel the difference especially when I run.

My first week of training is complete! 29 more weeks to go! :)

Total training time spent: 6 hrs, 26 mins.
Total unintentional weight lost: 4 lbs! 
Total unintentional weight gained back on Christmas Eve and Christmas due to eating blueberry pancakes and ice cream, and drinking beer: 4 lbs! (Com'mon!  I had to cheat for the holiday!!)
Giving My Girl a bath after her Christmas ride today. 

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  1. your street cred just went up a notch or two... ;)