Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Play time is over already?!?

Last night I was reading "Be IronFit" by Don Fink, which is a lovely Ironman training book that Greg gave me (thanks again TG!), which challenged me to "pick an Ironman race date and count out the 30 weeks of training." Of course my race has already been chosen, and my race date is July 15, 2012. I had done the math roughly in my head before, and figured that training would start right after the 1st of the year. My math was wrong... 30 weeks before 7/15/12 is next Monday! Click here to check out Don Fink!

Upon realizing this, my heart nearly stopped! I totally had it in my head that I had 2 more weeks to "goof off," eat treats, drink beer (like I'm a big drinker, but still! lol), and well, not be all weird like I get when I'm training! Now I have only a few days left, and I feel like I still have prep work to do! I still have to pick my pool, and draft up my training schedule and finalize it! Anyone who knows me well knows that I can be rather "thrown off" by a big change in plans. lol I'm actually taking this all really well.

Luckily I have TG (Tri-Guru) (Side note: Why do I nickname everyone?), because he came over, we went for a nice 32 minute run, and then we went over the book together and he answered a bunch of my questions. By this weekend I will map out everything and have it all printed out and ready for Monday, Dec 19th, which will launch Week 1!

Here is a rough draft for week 1 training:

Mon 19: Rock climbing/rest day
Tues 20: 1 hour swim in morning, 30 minute run in evening (may switch order)
Weds 21: 30 mins easy pace on bike trainer with quick transition to 15 minute run.
Thurs 22: 1 hour swim in morning, 30 mins easy pace on bike trainer after work. Climb in PM?
Fri 23: 30 minute run
Sat 24: 1 hour bike outdoor (if weather permits).
Sun 25: 45 minute run easy pace.

Swim: 2 hrs, Bike: 2 hrs, Run: 2 hrs
Total: 6 hours training + climbing time bonus.

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