Monday, December 26, 2011

And so begins Week 2!

Bouldering. :)
 I got a good start today to Week 2 of training!  I have been missing the climbing something fierce, so I went to the gym today and had a fun session with 1.0.  My shoulders felt good, so I am glad that I rested them.  There were a lot of new bouldering problems, and a bunch more in the works.  Exciting stuff!  I was careful not to overboard and be too risky with my moves.  I hate being such a suck, but this Ironman thing obviously means a lot to me...a lot more than one stupid hold on a wall!

Downstairs, there was a V2 problem I started working on.  I got the start.  I got the end, but there was one move in the middle that was giving me trouble.  I hope I don't regret it tomorrow how hard I worked on getting it!  My arms were tired, but I finally passed that spot!  Yay!  Sadly, I was so tired at that point, I couldn't put the whole thing together and do the whole thing from start to finish!  LOL  Dang-it!  Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes.  I had a blast trying, and that's all that matters.  In this video, it shows me getting past the hard spot and I am almost to the end and then I fell! D'oh!  (Then I threw a mild tantrum. Heheh)
On the trainer!

When I got home from the climbing gym, it was time to get my "real workout" done. :)  On today's agenda: Bike 30/Run 15 Brick, Quick change.  Since the sun was already going down, I really had to hustle.  I decided to put The Girl on the trainer and ride inside.  That went fine, as usual.

At the 30 minute mark, I jumped off The Girl and made a break for the front door.  It was cold out and raining, but it felt pretty good.  The 15 minutes passed quickly.  A mile or so in I remember thinking, "Yeah!  This is TOTALLY why I use to run all the time!  I LOVE running!"  That really made me feel happy.  There is so much joy in my life right now...  I am really blessed...


  1. We'll go back get the V2... Rock on!

  2. Yeah. I'm just going to have to try it again when my arms aren't completely pumped. I can do all of the pieces. Now I just need to put em together! lol We will need a video of that! lol