Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Cold December Ride on the Centennial with a New Friend!

Today's ride was just plain enjoyable.

Back in July, on the bus ride home from riding the STP, I had met a guy who happened to be the son of a nurse who works in my department at the hospital. He had tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I had been the one in the [hospital I work for] jersey, and when I confirmed that I was "one of them," he said that he had been drafting off of me for most of the day. That is when we also figured out that I also knew his mom and had worked with her for the past 5 years! Small world! Since this random meeting, I had been meaning to call him for a ride, but just never did until about a month ago, and it only worked out that we could actually do it today.

Although it was only in the mid to upper 30's, it was dry, and once the fog cleared, the sun was beautiful. The ride was amazing and felt great. Ryan keeps a good pace and keeps me on my toes. I really enjoyed riding with him. It turns out that he does a lot of different kinds of riding and racing.. He does tri's and cyclocross, and half marathons! He is also a climber, but taking a break due to an injury. Hmmm... Sounds like I may have found a possible training friend! Woot! He kept telling me I should really do a tri... Hmmm... I am really starting to think about that one...

Total mileage: 34.53 miles
Calories burned: 1743
Average speed: 16.2 mph
Ride notes: Feel great. No aches or pains, just feeling a little out of shape cardio-vascularly, since I have been taking a little time away from the bike lately. I did use my inhaler once at the half way point, which did help. I will use it at the start of ride next time.

Yesterday's Ride: 12/3/11 Centennial Trail
Total mileage: 20.05 miles
Calories burned: 891
Average speed: 17.1 mph
Ride notes: I pushed it hard! Very nice ride but I felt the absence from the bike. lol I used the inhaler before I started. I could not have kept that pace much longer than I did I don't think. Great ride though.

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