Thursday, December 29, 2011

Houston, We Have a Phlegm Problem.

Tuesday's workout was an hour swim followed by a half hour run on the treadmill.  Getting up that morning was not easy, but I managed it.  The workout routine was an interesting one:

300 yd warm up
8 x 50 yd drills
16 x 25 yd @10 sec
1 x 400 yd @60 sec
16 x 25 yd @10 sec
8 x 50 yd drills
200 yd cool down

I liked the 25 yd sprints with the little 10 second rests in between.  They made the time pass very quickly, and kept me entertained.  The 400 was a little sucky.  Sometimes the laps are hard to keep track of. lol  I enjoyed the swim though. 

Oh.. One thing about swimming is that you can't drink water while you are doing it.  Hydration is something that I am usually very anal about, so to be cut off from drinkable water for the duration of an entire workout...well, it sucks.  I do always get out of the pool at least once to take a drink out of the fountain, but when I do, I always am thinking about how this won't be possible during my race.  I will really have to hydrate before my race, and remember to compensate on my bike for what I didn't get during my swim.

After my swim I decided to take a quick dip in the hot tub.  It felt nice on my arms and shoulders.  I didn't stay in very long though, because I still had a run to do.  My run was rather uneventful.  I took it nice and easy.  Again, I wished that I had brought Gu or beans or something to re-fuel with between sports.  My tank got low and I wasn't feeling great by the time I was finished.  It's time to restock!!!

I saw this and thought it was really cute for a tri-suit.
So it seems that I have caught a head and chest cold.  I started to feel it coming on, on Tuesday afternoon at work.  It started with a headache, which I pretty much still have.  I woke up yesterday with a nasty sore throat, my chest burning, and a general sense of crappiness.  I was very happy that it was a scheduled rest day.  I took the day off of work too.  Today I woke up still feeling crummy.  I went to the pool, but I wasn't able to complete the scheduled workout, and had to abandon it.  I did what I could, and then I sat in the hot tub, which felt nice.  Ryan met me for this morning's workout!  He is also doing the Lake Stevens Ironman, which is pretty cool!  He recently dislocated his shoulder, so he was also taking things easy today.  Hmm..he needs a nickname, doesn't he?...

I am still supposed to ride for 30 minutes today...  I think in light of my cold, I am going to skip that part of my workout today and give my body and lungs a rest.  I hate being sick.  I am keeping my rescue inhaler (Albuterol) handy, and I started using my steroid inhaler (Flovent) again yesterday...two puffs twice daily. *sigh*  I hate asthma. *pout*

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