Monday, December 19, 2011

I went to the new Bellevue gym last night with 1.0. It is ridiculous huge, and it has some really awesome bouldering/climbing! The bouldering problems are fun, and there are so many to choose from!

ng rather weird happened to me though..a lot of the bouldering is really high off the ground, and I experienced a little acrophobia! The whole ground was a mat, but it was a LONG way to drop!

y only complaint about the place was that it is more of an "activity center" for Bellevue families than it is a gym for actual climbers. There were kids everywhere, and tons of parents and grandparents just standing around...watching. Watching?! Why weren't they climbing?? Weird. The kids were distracting and the parents were annoying. The climbing culture has definitely been lost at this place. :/ I will go back, but it will be on a weekday, when kids should be in school, and their parents should be on some boring conference call at work or something.

My right shoulder has been hurting after my bouldering sessions I have noticed...not so much after climbing on the ropes though. It makes the drive home with my stick-shift roller skate car fairly uncomfortable. The pain is always gone by morning though. I try to be conservative, and call it a night when I start to feel it come on. Last night though, both shoulders really ached. This morning they feel much better, but I am a little sore all over as I did get a dang good workout! ;) I am going to have to be very careful of this so that I don't injury myself and inhibit my ability to swim!

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  1. Shoulders were still tender today. I skipped my climbing today to rest up for swimming tomorrow.