Thursday, December 22, 2011

Once you go Cervelo, you can't ever go back...

Tonight's workout was tiring! I got to the the pool and I can't say I was so happy to be there that I was dancing a jig. :/ I was tired and feeling unmotivated...perhaps a little lonely. I think I wish I had someone to train with more often. Sometimes the company is nice, but the down side is that it is hard to mesh schedules, and a late cancellation can result in missing a workout altogether! Ok, ok! So I have trust issues! LOL Anyway, my swim started out rough. I really had to talk myself into it, but before I knew it, I was nearly halfway through my workout! The second half pretty much breezed by. I like swimming. This time I made sure to bring Gu and have it at the ready poolside. I think this was really helpful in getting me through my workout, especially because I didn't have much to eat beforehand, and I was working on getting a headache.

This workout was a swim/bike brick, quick change (swim 60min/bike 30 min). I planned ahead, so my shoes, socks, towel, and skort were at the ready in my locker. When I finished in the pool, I made the dash to the locker room, and then upstairs to the gym to hop on a stationary bike. This is where things went a little sideways... First of all, I have no experience on those flippin' contraptions! I hopped on and started pedaling, and tried to figure out how to set the dang workout, but quickly noticed that my feet needed to be in the stupid baskets! I had to stop pedaling to get them in... D'oh! Then the computer turned off, so I had to set the program again. Then, I realized that my seat was too low. Good grief. I stopped again and adjusted it. The computer stopped... Really?? I started it again, started pedaling, only to still be unhappy with my seat height! I had to stop and fix it, and you guessed it, the computer turned off again! Some "quick" change! I proceeded to spend 30 of the most uncomfortable minutes of my life on that torture machine. How the heck do people sit on those HUGE-A** seats?? That was ridiculous! I can't live through that again. I am going to have to work something else out for Thursdays...

Lesson of the day:
If you ride a custom-fit Cervelo, riding a stationary bike at the gym will be nearly unbearable. Don't do it!

Swim workout details:
(#34) 1 Hour
300 yrd WU
8 x 50 DR
4 x 125 @20
4 x 175 @30
4 x 125 @20
8 x 50 DR
200 yrd CD

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