Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 1: Dec 19th and 20th

I decided to make some changes to to my week 1 training schedule that I posted previously. Taking Monday off to rest just doesn't make much sense to me at this point because my Sunday long runs aren't that long and I don't need the recovery that bad. Mondays really are such a convenient day for me to train, schedule-wise. Wednesdays however, suck in general, and I would much rather save myself the stress on an already stressful and long day. Here is what I came up with for this week, week 1:

Monday: PM Bike 30 mins/Run 15 mins - brick, QC
Tuesday: AM Swim 1 hr/Run 30 mins - brick, swim workout #33
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: PM Swim 1 hr/Bike 30 mins - brick, swim workout #34
Friday: PM Run 30 mins
Saturday: AM Bike 70 mins
Sunday: AM Run 35 mins

Yesterday was officially the first day of training! I put my bike on the trainer and rode inside since it was already dark out. 1.0 came over so that he could escort me during my running portion of the evening. The bike felt fine...boring as usual on the trainer of course. Since this was meant to be a "QC" or a "Quick change" brick, I had my running shoes at the ready so that when my 30 minutes on the trainer were up, that I could jump off and dash out the door. I'll tell ya, I like warming up on the bike a little before running! It makes that first mile a lot less torturous! The run was just a shortie... 15 minutes is all, and it went fine. The cold night air felt nice. My heart hate was way up there... I'm not sure I feel like blogging about that yet...

This morning I was not feeling the love when my alarm sounded and it was time for me to go hit the pool. I can't say that I like popping out of bed to exercise... I did it though! I headed to the Y and busted out my first real swimming workout! It went great! I was highly impressed with myself! My right shoulder felt only the slightest hint of "something" that I wouldn't even classify as discomfort. I copied workout #33 out of the book onto a piece of paper and put it into a ziploc baggie, so that I would have it to reference while I was in the pool. I just left it on the pool deck at the end of my lane. I have to pat myself on the back for that one. Oh! I bought ear plugs, but I managed to lose them before ever even using them, so that back pat from before...take backs?? (See below for swim workout details.)

After the swim, I hurried out of the pool, dried off, threw on a pair of running pants, socks and shoes, and went upstairs to hit the treadmill. I ran a nice easy 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, (I did turn on the heat for the last 3 minutes though.) It felt good, but I did wish that I had brought a water bottle and some sports beans or something. I will be better prepared next time. It doesn't help that it is Christmas time and I am avoiding shopping like the plague. It is no excuse though... I need to take better care of myself and properly fuel and hydrate my body.

I am looking forward to having a rest tomorrow. I had planned to climb on Thursday after training, but I am considering skipping it for the rest of this week to rest my shoulders. Perhaps I will wait and see how I feel. Climbing is so much fun, and I just know I will miss it!

Here is the breakdown of "#33":

300 yrd warm up
8 x 50 yrd drills
12 x 100 yrd w/ 20 sec rest between each
8 x 50 yrd drills
200 yrd cool down

Total yrds: 2500 (which equals about 1.4 miles!)

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