Saturday, April 14, 2012

3rd Try's A Charm

I probably shouldn't have done this, but I last night I decided to investigate the wreckage of my Yakima roof rack. I know I have a less than stellar record when it comes to transporting bikes atop my vehicle, but [insert whining sounds here] I need to take my bikes places for heaven's sake!

Yakima Boa: Simple, yet effective!
As it turns out, the system (towers and bars) itself is just fine. The only real damage was to the tray of the passenger side bike rack. The bike rack that was above the driver's side was one of those simple "Boas," and is fine. That's the one I used anyways. I think another Boa would run about $60, but the reason for getting a track rack is that my kids' bikes are still too small/short in length for the Boa. The track racks are pricier of course... I do have a pretty significant REI dividend to spend though, so... :)

Wait! I also want new climbing shoes! *screams*

1.0 got everything back up-top the roller skate last night, just as the sun set in the pretty pink-stained sky. Just as the saying goes "Red sky at night, sailor's delight," this morning is turning out to be a beautiful day! I think it is time for me to load up the bike, NOT DRIVE UNDER ANYTHING, and go meet 1.0 for Seattle Mobile Bicycle Rescue's first group ride! Woot!

Happy weekend everyone! Ride safe!


  1. Ha ha ha ha...I have a WAY less than stellar record:

    1. LOL Awesome! Sadly I'm only counting the times I've hit something and damaged my bikes! I did have one other wee accident, making my total 3, if you want to get technical.

      My first time, I drove into my old house's garage, with my son's mountain bike and my old Specialized road bike. Luckily, the aluminum garage door took the damage, and I was going really slow. It belt the garage door to hell though. We bent it back, but it was never the same; you could use the door opener to open the door, but you had to close it manually, otherwise it would just bounce back open. lol Danngit!

      The second time, I drove into the parking garage at my work with the Specialized on the roof. If tore the rack clear off the car! I nearly had a heart attack. The "funny" part was that my bike wasn't on the ground; the saddle had jabbed into the plastery siding of the building and was just hanging there...along with my rack! In hind sight, I with I had taken a picture, but all I could think was that my ex was going to KILL ME! This time there was damage to the carbon, I didn't know how bad. I called 1.0, sobbing, and begged him to come look at my bike (and not tell my ex!!) He was so cool as usual, and came right to my rescue. He determined that I had just chipped and scratched the paint. Yay!

      It was my 3rd accident that I wasn't so lucky, however... I was pulling into the parking garage at my work AGAIN, and WHAM! No more Cervelo RS. That frame was shattered. Bye Bye. And THAT is why you carry insurance on your sports equipment folks! lol