Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jez For the Win

Is anyone else here dying to know how Jez is doing?? I imagine he is rather comatose at the moment! I have been thinking about him and his 24hr race, non-stop. Although he lives across the world, and we have never met or ridden together, I think there is a kinship there. I'd like to think that all cyclists root for each other. We are all on the same team; Team Two Wheels! Anyways, I like Jez. He's a nice guy!

Hear-hear for Jez! Well done!

Jez's blog: Following The Chainline


  1. Yes! Can't wait to find out how it all went!

  2. Aww how lovely are you! Thank you so much for your support. I hate to disapoint you by not winning but at least I finished. I've put up a full report on my blog if you want a look. It's a bit long, sorry, but I had a lot to tell!