Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Colnago Master w/ Steel Precisa Fork

You just can't beat the gorgeous detailing.
 Colnago Master Frameset with Steel Precisa Fork

Imagine... owning one of history's most sought after and influential road bikes ever created, the "Colnago Master".

First produced in the mid-1980s, the Master is a perennial favourite. It is the fruit of Colnago’s extensive experience in steel tubing, welding, and lugged frame construction techniques. It’s entirely designed, made and chromium plated in Italy with DT15V steel. The Master offers supreme comfort thanks to the ride quality offered by the custom drawn steel tubing. The star-shaped tubes and chromed lugs combined with a 1-inch chrome plated steel Precisa fork make it a classic and truly elegant bicycle that offers a ride unlike anything else. Available in 16 sizes and three colour variations.  For more info on Colnago Master, click HERE!

Isn't this bike just yummy?? Ok, so I will NEVER own it, but can't a gal dream??

This picture just needs ME in it!
Blue is pretty. I really like the white frame too!


Be still my beating heart.
Thanks again to Jez, who is the mastermind behind Want it Wednesday! Check him out at Following The Chainline


  1. Just found this, Its a bit hidden so others on WIW may not see it. You might have to change the date so it comes up for this wednesday date.

    You do have impecable taste my dear. Its those gorgeous machined lugs that shout 'I'm a Colnago' swoon indeed. Keep never know!

    Like the word Mastermind. Makes me feel like some evil genius taking over the blogging world, mwhahahahaha. Talking of which, I've an idea for making team kit and selling it around the world with my blog logo on it. (more evil laughter to follow)


  2. Wow, soooo pretty! There really isn't anything better than a steel bike with beautiful geometry...

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, I stumbled across your blog, you have exquisite taste.check out my X-lite on my strava profile. Im thebothwellsuperdomestique on there. Its a red one btw.