Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Despite Caprica being a fitting name for my red bike, I am not feeling it. I have decided (totally on a whim) to re-name her Lucy!:)

1.0 in action! He will come right to your house or your place of work!
Congratulations to 1.0, who just scored the biggest account he has ever gotten for his mobile bike shop business! Well done Seattle Mobile Bicycle Rescue! I completely stand behind his work. I trust him immensely, not only as a skilled bike mechanic and a highly qualified fit specialist, but he just is an endless source of bike knowledge.


  1. Id better update that information on my blog then! Lol

    I used to be a bike mechanic and it made me a grumpy bugger, but it set me up for life with bikes. I've been thinking of doing a mechanical tips page on my blog to pass on my wisdom :)

  2. Did I detect an over keen attempt at WIW? lol. I've now changed your bikes name on my blog. I sometimes feel left out. Lots of people name their bikes but mine hasn't got one. Is it too late do you think or should I now wait for a new bike. And if I name one, will the other get jealous, meaning I'll have to name both. Oh dilemas.

    1. You totally did! lol I already had it written, and at work today I had a moment of panic and thought that it was due today. As soon as it was posted, I remembered it wasn't an every week thing! D'oh!

      As for the name thing, I don't think there are hard fast rules, Jez. :) I think you can do what ever your little heart desires! I never named my hybrid. Do you have a name you have been tossing around?

    2. No sadly not. My first proper bike was called kirsty (long story) but ever since I've not named my bikes.