Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Standing Room Only

Goodbye couch!
Hello bike corral!
I had the day off today, so I attempted to be productive in my house. I did...OK. I did manage to put a few things I have been meaning to sell on craigslist. One thing that I hadn't totally thought through selling, was my couch..or my couches rather. Um, they're sold now! It only took 3 hours! I'm waiting for the guy to come back with the cash and a truck. I guess I have more room for bikes now! Hmm.. I think the boys are going to be displeased when they have nowhere to sit, and I am sitting on a bike attached to a trainer! lol
Now everything ties in with the diningroom!

My sons have the weirdest childhood...

I also sold an old wheelset, well almost. The guy was all set to buy it, but then he called back and apparently "The Wife" (man, wives can be so lame) put the kibosh on spending the money! What a rip! The poor guy broke a spoke and damaged his wheel on his way home and now he can't ride! I'm glad I don't have a wife. Is it weird that I almost wanted to give them to him?? I guess they're back on the market! lol

I was supposed to take the roller skate through emissions today. Whoops! My tabs are expired. :/ I hate that stupid car anyway. Maybe I should just suspend the insurance and just go back to biking full-time again. I wonder if the boys would smother me in my sleep this time...

Shimano R500 Wheelset, 700c, 1884g (pair)

Great for rain/winter bike or for spare wheelset. $150 obo


  1. When looking for room for (yet more) bikes, furniture is highly overrated...

    1. Yup. Plus, now I have the needed room for my Michael Jackson dance routine game on the xbox 360 Kinect!