Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 16

Riding in Edmonds
I have been a bit of a weenie ever since my close call the other day... I have been using my trainer. I had a nightmare last night that I was hit. *sigh* Tomorrow is my next ride day, but I think it is supposed to rain. Normally that wouldn't bug me... I guess I am feeling a little over sensitive at the moment though.

This weekend is supposed to be really nice. I really need to get out on the hills, so it will be a perfect chance to suck it up and get my road legs back. :)
View of the Puget Sound

I was reminded today that my trip to Hawaii is only a month away! When I was there last September, I was in killer riding shape, and 80-100 mile rides were a standard part of my week, plus I was mashing hills.

Currently, I am rarely doing more than 35 miles, and a lot of the miles have been on the flatter side. I am totally not worried about where I am with the bike in regards to my race. I am a strong rider. I'll be ready. Hawaii, however... I'm just not going to slay those mountains like I did last time!

Riding the Big Island is pretty killer though. There are so many beautiful places to ride! The island people are very used to cyclists, and are for the most part, very friendly. It will be interesting to see if that is still the case when there isn't an IRONMAN a week away, like there was the last time I rode there. The one thing you always have to watch for is stupid tourists on the road. For the most part though, if you go out early, before the heat of the day, you're out there before they're out of bed. ;)

I am definitely excited to start mapping some routes. I think my brother got a bike... It sure would be fun to go for a ride with him! I am not sure what he has though; an road or mtn bike?? He has agreed to spot me while I do my swim workouts in the ocean.  He has a outrigger canoe of some sort. How fun is that?! Oh the boys and I are going to have fun!!

Quick training recap this week: Week 16
Monday: 50 min on ride on trainer, QC, 2 3/4 mile run.
Tuesday: 2500 yrd swim, QC, 3 mile run.
Wednesday: Rest.

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