Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunshine In Seattle!

If you were lucky enough to be a Seattlite this past weekend, lemme hear a "HELL YEAH!" Was that weather tasty or what?? I don't know about y'all, but I had to get my ride on.

Lake Washington, I-90 bridge/trail behind my head.
On Saturday, Peezy and I met up at his place by Greenlake. The sun was shining and it was warm and gorgeous. We rode out and around the lake and then through Wallingford, and down Stone Way (awesome descent!) We grabbed the BGT to the UW, and then headed across the Montlake cut, and through the Arboretum. In Leschi, we headed up the big hill to catch the I-90 Trail across Lake Washington to Mercer Island. It was WINDY crossing the lake! Once on Mercer Island, we did the island loop, had some lunch at Noah's Bagels, and then headed back the way we came.

Total miles: 39
Hills? Yes.
Check out Mt Rainier!
Sunday was just as lovely. I started my morning by treating myself to a fabulous crepe breakfast, and although I am not much of a coffee drinker, I decided to have one "just because!" I brought the dogs with me to the cafe, and we sat outside in the sun. It was a really enjoyable morning. Many people were out walking their dogs or riding their bikes. People are always in a good mood in Seattle on days like these; people wave at each other and smile. I wish it were like this year round...

A lot of people were dressed for church; it was Easter after all. Since I do not have any family (in the area), other than the boys, I always let their dad take them on the holidays. My ex has a wonderful huge family. They love to get together for the holidays, and I hate to deprive the boys of having that experience. Personally, holidays aren't really my thing. That's what I tell people at least. I am not much of a traditionalist I guess. I like Bike to Work Day! Is that a holiday??

Anyway, after breakfast I headed home, where I was to meet 1.0 so we could on a ride. On my way, I managed to run out of gas, bump into my high school boyfriend, and meet his fiance! What fun! I really mean that! I adore Raja, and I run out of gas all the time. lol

1.0 didn't have his bike with him, so we loaded up my bike in his car (since I abandoned mine at Starbucks) and headed to his place. We started the ride from there. Our first big hill was 35th heading south by Nathan Hale HS. This is when I realized that my front derailleur was not functioning as it should... The cable was loose. Gah! I stopped 1.0 at the top of the hill, but unfortunately my bike does not have one of those nifty little cable adjuster dials. I needed an allen wrench, but I didn't have one. Luckily, we knew there was a little bike shop not far from where we were, so we headed right there. The guy at Counterbalance Bicycles was very cool and made the adjustment free of charge! Neither of had ever been in the shop before. It was small, but neat. It had a lot of cool stuff in there for cycling commuters. They also had some rad cycling hats... I just might need to go back...

1.0 desired shot. :)
Since we had found our way to the BGT, we decided to take it over to Gasworks Park. 1.0 wanted to take pictures there, and it was such a beautiful day, I thought it sounded like a great idea. The park was packed! We went to the top of kite hill and took pictures. 1.0 got the one he wanted.
Some guy offered to take our picture together. Awe, how cute are we??

After Gasworks, I wanted to go to Speedy Reedys (a Tri shop nearby), but they were closed for Easter, so instead we rode up Stone Way hill. It really isn't steep at all, it's just long. We had lunch an Indian place in Wallingford, and then screamed back down Stone Way, got back on the Burke, jumped off the Burke around U. Village, and then took 35th back home. It was a very nice ride, and a very nice day!

I actually forgot my Garmin, so I am guessing mileage at about 25 miles.
Hills: Yes. (Not as many as Saturday's ride, but considering this was supposed to be a run day...I think it was good enough.)


  1. Well I've got nothing to focus on now! Booo. So when is the date for your race, just so I can be prepared to send strong vibes across the ocean!!

    1. Jez, I've been there! I actually felt that way the worst after I ran my first half marathon. I poured my soul into training for that race. Crossing the finish line was all that I hoped it would be and more! I too, cried tears of joy. In the weeks after though, I was almost depressed! It was like, "wtf do I do with myself now? What is my purpose??" I hadn't thought that far ahead. All I had thought about was my race...for months! I don't have that problem now, because I know that next season is full of a whole new line up of stuff to do, and stuff to train for. Enjoy a period of rest, or enjoy riding for fun! :) I bet your wife would enjoy a little focus. ;)

      As for my race, it is on July 15th? Have you ever been to the States?? July is a nice time of year around here. *wink wink*

  2. I think my wife would be glad that I don't disappear at silly hours of the morning but I never let training affect my home life. My children complain otherwise!

    Ooo thats near my 21st (35th) birthday! Still plenty of time for training. Well I'd love to visit the States but right now that's a whole load of expense I can't afford. Booooo :(.