Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Was Love at First Test Ride

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to ride.  To me, a bicycle means freedom; freedom to explore the world, freedom to get away from my troubles or hurts, freedom to go where ever or however far I wish to go.  A bicycle also means health; it keeps me fit both mentally and physically.  It tones my muscles, works my lungs and heart, and pumps me with endorphins.

I do love the ride, though...  I love the way the tape feels in my hands as I grasp my handlebars.  I love the sounds of the gears and the chain, and the pavement under my tires.  I love the smell of lubricant, and especially degreaser, (I clean my drive-train in the kitchen just so I can fill my house with the smell of it!)  I love the time spent day dreaming while on long rides.  I love the interesting people I meet along the way, whether it be at bike shops, trail heads, roadside, or gas stations!  I love riding the feeling of reaching the top of a long climb.  I love going into drops and screaming down hills so fast that my heart races and my eyes tear up.

Huge crack in her top tube.
I love My Girl.  She is all of these things to me.  She is beautiful, and I wrecked her...

It happened last Saturday.  I had finished my ride for the day... 90-ish minutes or so on the Burke Gilman.  I forgot that she was still on the roof rack and I drove into a parking garage.  She didn't make it.  I can't really describe the devastation I felt, or am still feeling.  It has been a tough few days. 

My Girl, the day I bought her, (with her orig. parts.)
My Specialized Ruby was a decent bike, but this bike, my Cervelo RS, is truly the finest bike I have ever owned.  She has deep symbolic meaning for me, beyond just the freedom and the "loves" I mentioned above.  For me, she also symbolizes my independence and strength.  For those of you who know me, know that I went through a rather awful break up this past summer.  Without putting him down, because that is not my aim here, my ex liked to have things "a certain way," and I suppose you could say that I was..."agreeable."  As with most things with us, he chose the Ruby, so I bought the Ruby.  He decided he didn't like the Ruby, so I sold the Ruby.  When it came to getting a new bike however, I decided that I wanted to get what I wanted.  It was going to be my ass in the saddle after all! lol  I researched endlessly, and drove 1.0 crazy (at all hours) with questions about just about anything you could possibly think of.  And then I found Her.  It was love at first test ride.  Despite my ex strongly disapproving of my choice, I did stick to my guns, and I have never regret that decision.  She has been the best bike...the best

Since my break up, I have jokingly referred to my bike as my "Plus 1."  Maybe people think I'm nuts, but she kind of has been for awhile.  I think that almost everyone has had their heart broken, and everyone has their own way of getting through it.  I had Her, and I miss Her a lot.

My Girl in Hawaii 9/2011
Those things said, it has been reminded to me that She is just a bike.  There.  I said it. (Thank you P.Z. for getting all philosophical on me, BTW.)  Yes, she was an awesome bike, but I will have another awesome bike, and on that awesome bike, I will feel freedom and strength and independence and love, and she will also fill my house with the smell of degreaser, and all will be right again. :)

Here's to you, my love!


  1. you didn't drive 1.0 crazy... I was very happy to help you :)

  2. I love that you refer to yourself in 3rd person. That really cracks me up. lol :D