Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Road to Happiness Leads to Portland

Finding a bike to replace The Girl proved to be more complicated than I had expected!  It has been a very stressful few days...

Cervelo will do a crash frame replacement at a discount, but they do not do replacements on the RS frame, which is what I had.  Instead, I would have to upgrade to the R3 frame.  The frame would take until mid February to possibly even March to arrive, and then would need to be assembled using the savaged parts from my old bike...with one hitch.  Some of the parts are not compatible and would need to be ordered at an additional cost.  This option would give me the bike I desire, but I would have to wait for it.  The price for this option was around $2000-$2200.

HOWEVER, Cervelo is offering a special right now.  If you buy 2 bikes, they will give you $2000 off.  Of course no one I know can buy 2 bikes, but most shops are pairing customers, so that they can each buy a bike and each get a $1000 discount.  At Bothell Ski and Bike, I was told that I could get a R3 Rival (after the discount) for $2125!  This sounded awesome!  With this deal, I could keep my old componentry from my old bike and build a rain bike at a later date! 

I went to the shop last night with credit card in hand, but sadly they were SOLD OUT!  I was devastated!  I couldn't believe my bad luck!  I proceeded to call every other Cervelo dealer in the Seattle area in hopes of finding someone who still has what I was looking for.  Gregg's ended up having a RS and a R3, but they were both 54s.  My old bike is a 54, but I really feeling that a 51 will be a better fit for me.  I did put them on hold however...

This is what she will look like!
Today I got a call from Speedy Reedy in Seattle.  They didn't have a 51 either, but they suggested calling Cervelo dealers in Portland, and gave me the number to River City Bicycles.  They had one!!!  I can't believe it!!  Not only am I getting matched with another customer to receive the $1000 discount, but Oregon doesn't have sales tax, (putting my $3200 bike at $2150 even!!) I am getting a killer deal and I get to keep my old componentry!  I pick up my bike on Saturday!  I can't wait!