Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Master's Swim...

Friday 1/27/12

Journal entry: "I got up this morning at 4am...  I am not a fan of 4am, unless I am getting up to catch a flight to Paris or Hawaii, or somewhere else I love, but nevertheless, I got up at 4am.  It was ridiculous cold.  The car was covered in ice.  I had to use the window scraper, so I was glad that I remembered to wear my super awesome and incredibly cute fingerless mittens."

So why for the love of all that is Holy did I get up at 4 am do you ask??  A dumb-ass Master's swim is my answer.

So I heard that there was this "Master's Swim" every Mon, Wed, Fri from 5-6:30am, and I was thinking that there was a coach available for tips and training, and technique advice.  Since I have had that wee little 20 year swimming vacation, I thought that this might be beneficial to me, but 5am was...well..5am! lol  I guess the stars were finally aligned, because I decided yesterday night to take a couple Benadyl, and turn in early.

You may be wondering if it was worth it??  Um...no.  I had thought that there was going to be a coach there to give feedback on my technique and such, but when I got there, there was just a white board with a workout written on it.  Since I already have my workouts that I bring with me, this isn't particularly helpful to me.  The people were super friendly though and they were more of a serious swimming group.  That was cool.  Unfortunately I don't have much time to be social in the morning.  I have a schedule to keep and work to get to on time. :/  It's a bummer, because I think it would be fun to make some swimming friends.

I did do the Master's workout, and stopped when I had completed 2500 yards.

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