Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yikes! What Would My Old Coach say?!

I am the swimmer closer to the camera.
I had an opportunity to to be filmed today while I was doing my cool down at the pool.  It was interesting to see what had happened to my form after a 20 year break from the sport. lol  I was pleased with some aspects of my performance, but understandably some of it fell short.

One thing that I had been concerned about was left side weakness, and that does not seem to be a noticeable issue.  I swim fairly symmetrically.  I can't whether I am getting as much power out of that arm, as it has always been weaker since my shoulder injury several years ago, but at least it's looking good.  That's a good sign.

As for the things I noticed that I will need to improve upon...  One thing is that I need to remember to keep my head down in a more neutral position.  I always notice it when I am pushing off from the wall, because it is an obvious time where your head being lifted creates drag, but I need to also keep it down more while I'm swimming.  When you look up, it creates drag, and lowers your butt and feet in the water...at least that it what I seem to remember my coach always bitching about. ;)  The other thing is I need to go deeper when I push away from the wall.  The water is less choppy the deeper it is, which mean there is more resistance on the surface.  Obviously you have to swim on the surface because scuba tanks are not allowed in tri's (duh), but when pushing away from the wall, you can use that time under water to your advantage but cutting under the turbulence.

Clearly I need to devote more focusing on technique.  Good to know! :)

The video is of me doing a cool-down 50.  I think I was a bit nervous about being filmed.  I tried to go slow though, because I knew that the iPhone is a bit limited in it's cinematography capabilities. lol 

Today's workout was 60 minutes in the pool (#36), followed by a 30 minute run. :)

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