Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 5: That's a Wrap!

Today I did a make up pool workout.  I was supposed to do 2500 yards straight, but I either lacked the energy or the drive, because I didn't make it without stopping. :/  I did the first 1000 yards, but then stopped for a rest.  After that I put in another 500, but then I lost focus.  I ended up finishing by doing the rest in 100 yard @15 sec (roughly.)  It all equaled 2500 yards! lol 

I'm not going to be too hard on myself though.  1000 yards is pretty good, and it is the farthest I've gone without stopping for a rest, since I started swimming again.  I still feel like that cold I had has me behind a bit too.  I am also trying to keep in mind that I still have 25 more weeks of training to get stronger and faster.  I think I am doing remarkably well after a 20 year swim vacation! lol

I do enjoy the swimming, but it does seem to bother my neck.  It's interesting... I wonder why my swimming never came up when I was having all that neck pain back when I was a kid.  Maybe it had something to do with it.  I never made that connection until now, but it totally makes sense.

On another topic, I feel like I have lost a bit of focus.  Life has been hectic...stressful, to say the least, and my training has taken a hit.  The initial high and excitement of signing up for Ironman and making that commitment has worn off, and now the winter has rolled in, and so has the reality of all of the hard work and sacrifice I have ahead of me.  I have also been hit with illness, total bike annihilation, and a snow storm to boot!  I guess I'm feeling...discouraged...

I guess next week is a new week.  Hopefully it will bring great new things, eh?  *smiling weakly*


  1. There will always be downswings in the motivation and training that happens. Everyone goes through it! If doing an Ironman was so easy you know everyone would be doing it, but we all know that you are easily and by far strong enough to keep at it and excel at it. Use the support system that you know you have, and that is there for you. Once you get the momentum going again you will kill it and be unstoppable! Just get back on that horse!

    1. Thanks PZ. I think that's just what I needed to hear. I may need to keep hearing it (hint hint). You're part of that support system you know! :)

  2. it's a new week... starting fresh is a good thing :)