Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aero and Portland!

I heart Portland.  Seriously.

During the summer before 4th grade, I met a girl named Caitlin.  She was going to be a new student at my school in the fall, but she was a year ahead of me.  We had a play-date and I believe fate was sealed: friends for life. :)  We went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together, not to mention we were on the rowing team together, and darned good friends, especially during high school.  She ended up leaving for college of course when I was a senior.  She moved to Portland and went to Lewis and Clarke, and I visited her when I was able.  One day, I received a call... she was pregnant.  5 months later, so was I.  A couple years later, I was Maid-of-Honor at her wedding.

About 7-8 years ago, when I went through my divorce, we somehow grew apart and lost touch.  It was most likely my fault.  I wasn't the friend I should have been to anybody.  It was a hard time.  Regardless, time passed.  She had another child...a son.  I never met him...until last weekend.

St John's Bridge - Portland, OR
2 weeks ago when I went down to Portland to buy my new bike, I thought about Cait, and wondered if her number was still good in my phone.  I called it, and it was!  Sadly, she wasn't home, but I left a message.  Several days later, she called back.  I missed the call, but she left a message.  Being the forgetful lame-o that I am, it took me ages to get back to her, but finally we connected, and I am so glad we did.

I wasn't driving, so they were safe up there!

My first ride. Still need to name her.
1.0 and I decided to drive down for the weekend, visit with Cait, and ride my new bike outside for the first time.  It seemed fitting to ride her in Portland first time considering that's where I bought her. :)  We left early Saturday morning.  The drive was pleasant...uneventful.  We decided to bring the dogs on this trip.  It is funny how so much time can pass, but things feel exactly the same between 2 people!  Cait and I had so much fun!  It was great catching up, seeing her husband, and her 2 children, (they're were so big.. and so beautiful!)

My saddle is tilted further forward than I have had it in the past.
After visiting for a bit, 1.0 and I headed out to Sauvie Island for a 2 hour bike ride.  It was beautiful out and very warm.  I loved the bike, but there were a few things that I felt that needed adjusting.  I probably should have mentioned that Donnie did my fitting Friday night.  He fit me pretty aggressively; aero and narrow.  The main things that I noticed during the ride were that I slid forward a bit on the saddle, and I wasn't happy with the reach to the break levers.

All cleaned up before going out Saturday night in Portland.
I decided to run by River City Bicycles the following day, because I really wanted to spend the rest of Saturday catching up with Cait and her family.  Man did we eat a lot!  On Sunday, I did blow off my hour run.  Instead, 1.0 and I went to Voodoo Donuts and visited more with Cait.  After that, we headed to the bike shop.  I had thought that it would be a quick stop, but those guy are so amazing.  Without an appointment, on a very busy Sunday afternoon, not only did they adjust my break levers to bring them in, but they adjusted lever position on the bars (you can see in the photo they are kind of set in a weird place, but they fixed that), adjusted the hubs-both front and back..they were loose and a bit wobbly, re-lubed the cables, went through the gears, adjusted the breaks, and cleaned down the entire bike!  That's a lot for a drop in...and free too!  I just can't say enough nice things about this place.  They have the nicest people there!  It is a great shop!  Oh!..and I also found a new pair of sub-zero lobster claw gloves and a pair of winter cycling tights.  Woot!

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  1. Portland just keeps getting better... That was a fun trip. I'm really glad I got to meet your friends :)