Monday, February 6, 2012

Aches and Pains

Yesterday's one hour run completed training week 7.  It was a good run and I felt strong.  I enjoyed running outside.

I have noticed in the past week or so, some discomfort in my knees at various times.  Sometimes it is the right, and sometimes the left.  I think I'd better put my inserts back into my running shoes, and see if that helps.  My other complaint is that the running is causing some increased back pain.  I am trying to combat it with a massage session on Thursdays.  It is making it harder to sleep...  I hope to get some relief soon. :(

Week 7 in review:

Bike 4 hrs
Run 3 hrs
Swim 2 hours

Total training time: 9 hrs

No climbing... I just didn't have the steam this week. :(


  1. The inside of my right knee hurts this morning when I walk. I'm nervous about my swim this morning, followed by an hours run...