Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building Caprica: Part 1

Today was just about the longest day at work EVER!  Patients were great, but just complicated.  I don't think I stopped running around for a moment for over 10 hours.  Needless to say, after a day like today, and the exercise I put in yesterday, I'm knackered!  By the time I made it to my car after my shift, I only had 2 things on my mind: beer and building my bike.

Here is the progress I made tonight under the tutelage of my fine friend 1.0. 
I am attempting to break the chain. It isn't going well.

After my valiant attempt, 1.0 tries. Old socks make for clumsy gloves (FYI) 
I think it's starting to get to him....

I don't know what I'm doing here.  Beer was involved.

The dogs wanted to help, but sadly they lack thumbs.
Off comes the crank.

Finally!  It is a lot easier when you have SRAM's little tool on hand...which we didn't.
Removing the rear derailleur.

Seat post in, but needs new binder. The Cervelo fork looks cool, but will need to but cut.

The Girl is nakey.

Crank is on, but only to check for fit. BB needs to be faced and chased.

Installing rear breaks.
My old FSA K-Force Carbon bars and Fulcrum 7 Racing Wheels (Orig. came w/ R3.)

SRAM Rival gruppo
I hooked up the break cables and adjusted the pads.

Derailleurs installed.
OMG... I can't wait to finish building her!!!

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