Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Velotine's Day!

I don't know these people, but I can totally relate to this guy.
Most people who know me well, know that I am rather...how shall I put it...anti-relationship?! lol  I mean, let's face it, I signed up for an Ironman so that I would have an excuse to not date!  And, if I ever were to have some sort of weak moment, and consider an offer, my busy training schedule, (plus work and kids) would come to my rescue.  I'm the first to admit it; when it comes to love, Cervelo Girl is damaged goods. lol

"And here’s your Valentine’s Day forecast: Disappointment with intermittent pockets of candy eating."
~Jim Gaffigan

Do I sound depressed, because I'm not!  I'm actually quite content at the present.  I have great sons, who are smart and funny, and 2 very silly dogs, and then there is my bike, (we can't forget her!)  I also have amazing friends who support me every day.

Speaking of friends, my friend Jason - a bike mechanic and talented artist in Pennsylvania, came up with an awesome V-Day bike-themed spin-off: Velotine's Day!  Isn't this so much better??  Instead of a holiday of disappointment, overpriced greeting cards, and heart-shaped antacids that say "Hug Me" on them, we can celebrate our love for the ride and for our bikes!

I think this is really a holiday I can get into! :)

On another note: My pool workout went very well this morning.  I pre-medicated with my albuterol inhaler before getting into the pool.  I did 2500 yards, and it did take me a few extra minutes.  I took about 5 minutes to change into my running clothes and use the restroom.  I used my inhaler again as well.  45 minutes on the treadmill went surprisingly well!  I am so glad this cold was short-lived!  I am also glad that I took it easy like I did and didn't overdo it over the weekend.  I was sad to miss my bike ride, but getting more sick just wasn't worth it!


  1. maybe we should craft a double sleeping bag for you and your bike, so you can sleep peacefully next to her ;)

    1. Oh my goodness! Can I commission you for this task?!