Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where's My High?

As I have mentioned before, I started my journey as an athlete, with running.  Despite the many aches and pains it brought me, in a lot of ways it took many of my inner hurts away.  I used to love to run.  It wasn't long though, before I got my first bike and started commuting to work on her.  A few seasons later, and I had made the transition.  I could tell because occasionally I would go for a short jog and I would feel like a wounded gimp for the next 3 days!  I didn't have those running muscles anymore. lol

Running really hurts my back.  The joy that running has brought me has always been worth the pain though.  I haven't felt much joy yet on my runs though...  Pain, yes.  Joy, not so much. 

Headed to the pool now.


  1. I came from the same background, running before the bike. As much as I still try to do some running miles they now take ages for me to recover from. Cycling just doesn't cause me that many injuries and as I age running continues to take a back seat. Just as well as I love riding!!

    Nice Blog by the way.

    Jez www.followingthechainline.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Jez! I am enjoying yours as well! You have some great posts.

      I am hoping that maybe as the weather improves, that running will start feeling like less of a burden. Rain and freezing temperatures aren't really inspirational, and neither is the "hamster wheel." :/

      I do love to ride, though. It doesn't get much better, eh?

    2. The Hamster Wheel just had me laughing, I've never thought of my indoor sessions like that!

      Thanks for following back I've added you to my 'Best Blogs to Follow' list so hopefully you will get some refferal traffic from it.

      And guess what? I've just injured the back of my knee riding!!! Lessons for everyone.....remember to stretch well after hard workouts!

    3. Thanks!

      I hope your injury is nothing serious, and you recover quickly! What did you do??

    4. I errr.. stood up from a chair!! Yes I know not dramatic, but I suddenly couldn't walk. Seems a bit better today, I've been icing it lots and stretching after some gentle walking. Think my calve muscles were just too tight from hill intervals I'd done day before.

      Good news is, I can't really feel it when riding just when walking.

  2. I think TRIs might devolve to BIs; as beautiful as running is it's the element of TRIs that hurts the most people.

    1. Well that would sure help me out... I am not a fast runner. I think I am decent in the water though. (No Olympian, but decent. lol) Funny though.. a lot of people I talk to, although they're bitching about their aches and pains from running, they still say that swimming is their weakest event in the tri.