Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 7 Mon-Thurs

Monday 1/30
  • Bike 45min/Run 45min quick change. 
I rode my bike on the trainer, which was far more comfy now that it has been properly fit.  The run was quite enjoyable.  I ran outside with 1.0.  He has been running with me a lot lately because the only time I can get my runs in is in the evening, after dark.  I don't feel safe without a partner.  Plus, I enjoy the company!  The weather wasn't too cold and it was dry, so it made for a great run!

Tuesday 1/31
  • 60 min Pool workout #35 and Run 30 min
The pool workout went smoothly.  I actually finished my 2500 yards in less than an hour.  I decided to run outside instead of using the treadmill like I usually do on Tuesdays, and I was pleased with my choice.  It was a lovely run and the weather cooperated.

Wednesday 2/1
  • Run 45 min
Another great run outside with 1.0.  The weather sure has been smiling down on us lately!

Thursday 2/2
  • 60 min Pool workout #36, Run 15 min (make up time), and Bike 45
My back has been bothering me... I mean, my back is always a wreck, but lately I have been even more of a knotted mess.  I feel like I need my spine to be in traction or something. lol  I have gotten a few nasty headaches that didn't really feel "migraine-y," more tension-like.  I saw the massage therapist last Thursday, and I am seeing him again this afternoon.  Hopefully he can beat this outta me.  Last week when I saw him I had this ridiculous knot in my right teres.  It took me awhile to isolate which muscle it was, but I impressed the hell out of my MT. lol  I don't know what I did to make it so very unhappy, but it was almost unbearable to touch, even lightly!  That is saying a lot, because I have a seriously high threshold for pain.  Well... off to the pool.