Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Knees.. Blah Blah Blah

My knees hurt.  Just so you know, I'm whining, but I'm doing it internally, because no one is really around to listen to me bitch.  If someone was around, they would probably tell me to shut up, so it is really in my best interest to blog about it. *sigh*

There are few things that I can attribute the knee pain to:

1. The recent change in bike/fit.
2. I do not have inserts in my running shoes anymore.
3. I have increased my running mileage in general.

Today after work I popped by REI and bought a new pair of green Superfeet.  That is what I used to use up until last year when I took a break from long distance running.  Incidentally, I broke my swim cap this morning, so I bought one of those too... This one is "female specific"... What on earth does that mean?

Since I have been running more, I suppose it could be appropriate to revisit some old physical therapy strengthening exercises and stretches, to help support the knees better.

I think I also should swing by the bike shop and see what Donnie thinks.  I know that some of this is bike-related, because I could feel it on my long ride the other day.  I have a feeling that with a minor adjustment to my cleats, and that would be cleared right up.

Yesterday's workout: 45 minutes on the bike trainer and 15 minute run outside, with a quick change.  The workout went fine, other than the mild knee discomfort.

Today, I went to the pool and swam 2500 yards without stopping!  I was very pleased with myself!  I can't believe that I did it!  I think that I am mostly impressed that I kept count! lol  The first 1000 years was rather sucky, but then I was into it, and it was more fun.  I am feeling more confident.  It only took my 45 minutes, so that made also made me feel reassured that I would be able to rise to the occasion come race day.  Small confession:  The idea of open water is freaking me out a little... After my swim, I was supposed to run for an hour, but I was too nervous about my knees.  I opted to walk instead.  Walking on the treadmill is not only boring, but it feels rather humiliating. *sigh* I ended up walking for 27 minutes and running for 3, for the lame grand total of 30 minutes.  Oh well.  My knees still hurt and I am scheduled to run an hour tomorrow... Frak.

Oh!  On an entirely different topic... I took down the Christmas tree today.  I don't care what anyone says... I think it was time.


  1. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with knee problems... :( last night my whole body hurt as I ran around greenlake, so I cut my run short. I'm holding my knee pain is due to my new orthotics, and will go away as my feet adjust. Hopefully your new orthotics will help too! Keep up the good training! Btw, I decided to do surgery in the fall after all my events. Lake Stevens here we come, sore knees and all!

  2. You poor thing! Ice and Ibuprofen!

    Yeah, I read that you decided to put off surgery... Although I am totally glad that you will be doing Ironman with me, I just hope that you don't injure yourself worse in the meantime. I can't imagine having to take a whole season off though. That would be just awful.

    We should do a ride or a run together soon... What pace per mile do you run at? I'm doing a 2 hour ride on Saturday too, if you're interested... :)