Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An eBay "Fetish"

After a lot of searching, I finally found a frame for my rain bike!  Yay eBay!  Not too shabby for $90 and free shipping.  I think she'll look kinda cute with the black/silver/white fork from my old Cervelo RS...
Bare Fetish Cycles Freccia Aluminum Road Frame, 53cm (No Decals)
I am very excited to build a bike for the first time.  I think that it is very important that I see the process start to finish, because it will help me understand my bike better as a whole.  I don't want to be just a dumb chick on a bike.  My bike has always symbolized independence to me, and if I expect to be independent, I need to be able to take care of problems that come up on rides.  I can change a tube fairly efficiently, put a dropped chain back on, and make minor tuning adjustments.  I would really like to know know more however!  It all just fascinates me, and I often find myself envying the mechanics at the bike shops I frequent. (Then they remind me how much money they make...I guess I won't be making a career change just yet.) :/

I think the red is rather pretty.
As for a car, I will admit that I don't give a rats a** how it works.  As long as it goes "VROOM VROOM" when I turn the key, that's all I care about!  I am totally not above looking cute and batting my eyelashes when it comes to getting a man (or a car-savy chica) to help me with my POS car! lol  That said, I can't wait to get my rain bike built!  I will be able to do my errands on it, which means LESS DRIVING!  WOOT!
Those may need to come off...^^^
Fetish Cycle Freccia description:
The new Fetish Cycles custom aero aluminum tube set is designed for performance in aerodynamics. The bi-oval shaped top tube is specifically made to have structural rigidity. The bladed shaped down tube is made to glide through the air with minimum wind resistance. In order to decrease the drag of the rear wheel, the Freccia seat tube is aero shaped and also has a cutout for the rear wheel. The steeper head tube and seat tube will position you over the crank so you are in a more aero ride position. The rear seat and chain stays are triangular shaped for the most effective transfer of energy. The Freccia frame comes in a high gloss apple red.
1.1/8 Steertube
68mm English Bottom Bracket
27.2 Seatpost


  1. I can't wait to build this with you! you will have a super rad rain bike...OH! and I have fenders for you :)

    1. Fenders?! Oh yay! That's great, because my fenders...well..."He Who Shall Not Be Named" still has them, so I'm in need of new ones! LOL I can't wait for you to teach me everything!!! I hope my frame arrives tomorrow... Cross your fingers!!!