Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rad Female Friend Wanted

Taken at Recycled Cycles in Seattle, WA
After my swim on Tuesday, I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I should have gone for an hour, but I had gotten a late start that morning.  I wasn't too disappointed though.  My knee pain seems to be resolved though.  With the inserts and 1.0's cleat adjustment, I'm right as rain. (What does that expression even mean?) 

On Wednesday I had planned to do a bike/run QC, but when 1.0 got to my house that evening, he had a massive headache.  I decided to extend the ride portion (on the trainer) and skip the run, to let him off the hook.  I suppose I could have driven to the gym for my run since I couldn't run outside alone in the dark, but honestly, I was really exhausted from work and any excuse was enough.

Thursday is supposed to be a swim and bike day, but I figured I should run since I have been such a pussy about runny lately. :/  So after my swim...oh..did I mention that starting this week I have upped my pool workout from 2500 yards to 2700 yards?  I don't think I had.  It's week 11, so I guess I'm in "phase 2."  Ok, so after my swim, I headed upstairs to do an hour on the treadmill.  I am ashamed to report that I only made it 35 minutes.  I don't think that it was really that I couldn't go further, it was that I got so flippin' bored when my TV show ended... Oh my, that's embarrassing!  And, no... I will NEVER admit to what I was watching. (1.0, if you tell...I know where you live...)

Yesterday was my rest day.  I actually considered going climbing despite the fact that I was like the walking dead by the time I left clinic.  On the first Friday of the month, they have a ladies only climbing class at my climbing gym.  This newer gal at work is pretty cool and I thought she might like it.  I invited her to go.  I think she wanted to, but needed to check on some things first and said she would call.  She never did though.  I was a little disappointed.  I don't have female friends that will do the things I like to do...or they do like some of my activities, but are married, or "have kids now" and can never go, or whatever.  I'm not giving up though!  I really want some female friends to do stuff with! (and not lame-a** shopping and mall stuff.  I'm not going out like that.)  Is this too much to ask for?? If I can't have a boyfriend, can't I at least have a cool chick friend to hang with??  I don't don't know why these seem equivalent to me... Ignis fatuus...


  1. Maybe you shouldn't scare them away by showing you age and using the word 'rad' (even my phone rejected that word)! :).

    I think you'll find you're a rare breed of gal, cool in my eyes but just not enough of you out there. Training sounds like its going well though.

    1. Hey! Rad is still a great word!

      ...and thanks. :)

  2. I wont tell a soul what you were watching on t.v.
    and you know... "rad" is back and more people should start using it more! :)