Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to Bike Commuting!

I biked to work yesterday! Yay! I was a wee bit sore from Tuesday's "fun," but nonetheless, my commute in was very enjoyable, and really didn't take very long at all! I believe it took me 18 minutes to ride in, which isn't too shabby, considering it takes me about 15 minutes to drive. I rode Caprica and she did splendid. I was quite pleased with her performance, and I must say that I thought I looked quite cute and sporty on her as I zipped along. :D Hmmm...I think I might be quite full of myself now, in my new sexy Michael Jackson riding coat...


Today was pool day: 2500 yards. Here is what I did:

300 warm up
8 x 50 @ 10 sec drills
4 x 25 @ 5 sec (sprint speed)
400 @ 30 sec
700 @ 30 sec
8 x 50 @ 10 sec drills
200 cool down

After that, I ran 2 miles. Unfortunately, that's all I had time for this morning. Pretty lame, especially because I was totally into it, and could easily and gladly run longer! (Can you believe I just said that??) I am not liking my new Thursday work schedule... Change is hard for me... *whine*

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