Friday, March 9, 2012

Your Hair Looks Great But You Look Like an Idiot

I have been noticing a lot more bike commuters this year. Super cool really. I'd like to think it's because people are realizing all of the amazing health benefits it provides, and they are trying to reduce their 'carbon footprint,' but most likely it's because gas is over $4/gallon and the economy is shit. But for whatever reason, I see a lot more bikes on the road and that is cool.

What is NOT cool however, is the dumb-asses who choose to ride in traffic, busy traffic nonetheless, and NOT WEAR A G-DAMN HELMET!! Ok, maybe they just don't get that the ground is hard. Maybe they think that cars can see them and they'll be safe. Maybe they are just flippin' idiots! Yesterday I say a guy riding down the busy highway with his helmet clipped onto his handlebars... WTF? I actually felt like pulling over and flagging the down, just so I could ask him his reasoning for bringing the damn helmet in the first place!

Here's the thing road cyclists - wear a flippin' helmet. If you ride in the road, it's just a matter of time.. It isn't if you are hit (or run off the road), it's when? I hate to sound so grim folks, but it's true. If you spend enough time in traffic, it's bound to catch up with you. I've had my taste of pavement several times. I was even left in the middle of the street by the driver..unable to use either of my arms, or to even get myself up.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch. I have found forgiveness for this individual. My point is that drivers are not always looking and they can't always see us. Some of them are just dicks. Regardless, you only get one brain! So what if you have helmet hair?! You don't need to spend a fortune on a helmet either, in fact, I wouldn't. Someone once told me never to spend more than $40 on a helmet. They said that a $40 was just as safe as an expensive one, but won't hurt as much when you have to toss it out after an accident. That's right. After a helmet has hit the ground in an accident, it needs to be retired. Seems like a pretty small investment to protect one of your biggest assets, eh?

Ride safe out there.

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  1. It's a perception thing. They probably look at you and think that you look an idiot in helmet!

    I know where your coming from though, and sadly there are those who think it'll never happen to them. Fools. It's not death I fear but brain damage and being able to live my life fully.