Saturday, March 24, 2012

Speed Snobs Anonymous

Was the weather just flippin' gorgeous yesterday?? It was in the upper 50s (F)!! I wore bike shorts ffs! I'm pretty sure I blinded people with my white-a** legs. Sorry, Citizens of the Greater Seattle Area! (I'm pretty sure y'all are used to the white reflective skin flashes though.) Spring has sprung!!

My ride..or should I say rides were great!

My first ride was particularly special because it was with a dear old friend from high school; Jess Cutler. (Check out her brand new bike blog!) She is an amazing woman and a kick-a** Cat 1 cyclist. Luckily for me, she is racing today, so she was just needing an "easy ride." We rode for an hour and a half out on the Centennial trail at an average pace of 17.4 mph. There were probably rides that could have been more exciting, but I chose that one because we hadn't seen each other since I worked at the main like...2007! lol We had catching up to do, and a bike trail makes for better socializing! :) I look forward to future rides, and hopefully grilling her for more great advice on the bike! (She may lend me her rear disk wheel for my race! O. M. G.)

This is why I ride. Can you blame me for needing a second sesh??
After we parted ways, it was just too pretty out to pack it in, so I decided to have some lunch and then ride out to Redmond and visit 1.0. That ride was took me about an hour. I admit that I got a wee bit lost when my iPhone died and I was GPS-less. :/ Whoops! I stopped for directions, and luckily I was only 3 blocks away at that point! Yay!

1.0 was working at the bike shop last night (Sammamish Valley Cycle), and since he was close to getting off work, I decided I'd hang around and "let him" drive me back to my car, (or his car actually - since we had traded. That's another story.)

Woodinville: An equal opportunity kind-o-place.
On our way, we saw this interesting sign (as seen to the left.) I am not trying to discriminate, but are there really that many road-wheelchair-ists in Woodenville?? Any shouldn't the pedestrians just use the sidewalk? But hey, I guess everyone should have an equal opportunity to be run over by a car...

I want to ride back there!
1.0 and I have decided that when we are old we are going to become bicycle tourists. We are going to be those old people who live on their bikes and ride for like months at a time.  We will have a ton of gear on our super old steel bikes, and have sh*t-loads of mirrors coming off of our heads and handlebars and wherever else I can think to put them. 1.0 is going to have a wandering eye and I will have long silvery hair, and wear a fanny pack in the front. We will probably read those stupid historical road-side signs and stuff. We will look like rolling hippy commune, and we will smile and wave at everyone we pass, as if we are their real grandparents.

At Whole Foods Market.
Today we took a little bicycle tour of Lynnwood. I know, pretty sexy, right? Actually, we just put my dogs Legolas and Six in the trailer, and rode to the new Whole Foods. It was pretty fun. When we got there, we ate some sushi and strawberry-rhubarb pie. Oh baby!

On our return trip back, we were passed by a couple on the trail... I haven't been passed on the Interurban Train before...especially by "weekend riders!" OMFG... "Ok just breathe," I told myself. "You're on a bike carrying groceries, pulling a trailer, a dog kennel, and two dogs. It is perfectly ok that you are going slow enough for slow people to pass you!" I tried to joke about it a bit w would be passing these guys under normal circumstances...

And then I could take it no longer; "GO! Get them! You have to beat them, Jess! Go pass those people on your single speed! Do it for ME!" He looked at me half like Are you nuts? and half like Hell Yeah! and then tore off down the trail. About a minute later, I happened to see another guy coming up behind me. That was all the motivation I needed; it was time for CG to catch those folks too.

And I did.

Hello. My name is Cervelo Girl, and I am a Speed Snob.

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  1. nah you're not a speed snob're just like the rest of us! If someone passes me I hook onto their wheel and wait till the road goes upwards. Then use my nimble light footed climbing skills to drop them like they are standing still......mwhahahahaha!!