Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get LOST Beard...

Um, gross.
Yesterday, I did just over an hour on the trainer while I watched Lost on Netflix.  I finished Season 3.  The boys are going to kill me for going so far ahead of them. Heh.. :D Jack looks terrible with a beard!  Totally barf. It is weird for me to say that, because I normally have the major hots for beards. The beardier the better! Not in that dude's case though! Blecht!

Jack, you are dead to me until you shave that crap off, and go back to your sexy stubble.

Today, I went to the pool for my usual swim workout.  I normally keep close count of my laps, but today I just felt like swimming and 'not stressing it.' I basically just went for the usual amount of time my workout takes me, and then called it good.  I had a few things bugging me during my swim; for one, I had a headache. Also, my knees and my right shoulder were hurting.  The shoulder thing is new.  I did some stretching, and the discomfort lessened.  It isn't bothering me now at all. The knees were bothering me on the bike last night, so I wasn't too surprised. I'm tight back there. After that, I headed upstairs for my run. The swim did loosen things up with the knees, so they didn't really bother me, which was good.  I am going to do some all over stretching tonight.

I want to climb tonight... I think I have the energy to do it, but I don't feel like driving.  Jeez, that's lame.

Update: The gal at work wants to do "happy hour" with me. I know this makes me sound like a total dipshit, but what does this entail? Do I dress up? Do I wear make-up and stuff? What do you talk about with women at happy hour?? I feel like I'm going on a date! lol

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