Friday, March 30, 2012

Well, This IS Seattle After All!

One of my favorite stickers.

It rained so hard on my ride home today, I almost had to ditch my bike and swim home.

You know who wasn't freezing cold though?? ME! Why you ask? Because of my bitchin' Assos Michael Jackson cycling jacket! Jeez I love that coat! When I wear it, I have to jump over stuff...just cause I can! 1.0 says it makes me cocky. Moi?? *bats eyelashes innocently*

"Anytime I see one of those speed signs while I'm riding, I try to break the law!!!" ~ 1.0

Actually, it was kinda funny yesterday.. I was riding to work, and there is this one spot on the trail where there is this little bridge I have to cross. On either end of the bridge, there is a sucky seam that always jars my brain if I don't at least lift my rear end. I decided that my bada** self, wearing my Michael Jackson coat, was going to jump the seam. Just as I did, my messenger bag shifted, and in that millisecond that I was airborne, disaster almost happened. First off, I almost ate it...big, but luckily with my cat-like reflexes I managed to save the day! Unfortunately for the old lady who was on the other end of the bridge at the time...well, I think I might have given her a mini-stroke, (mostly because it was loud, not because I was going to hit her.)

Have I mentioned that I like my MJ coat?

My dog "Six," recently ate the zipper off my other cycling coat...and 4 of my bras...and my beanie hat. I'm not sure if my heart could handle it if she ate the MJ coat...