Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Call Me "Mom" Today

I totally blew off Friday's workout.


For the love of my youngest son, who I lovingly refer to here, as "Stinky Cheese."

This post is totally NOT about bikes...or running...or swimming...or my IM. It is about me being a woman and a mom, and loving my son...and I really love this kid.

That isn't a "Finish-line Face." I beat his ass there by an hour + though!
If you have been following my blog long enough, you may have caught on to the fact that my family and I went through a pretty huge and devastating change at the end of last summer. I have alluded to this, but never have really been that specific.

I guess now is as good a time as any; 130 miles from the starting line, and just after we had crossed the Canadian boarder, my significant other publicly ended our relationship, and "requested" that I move out. I would like to say that I have handled this in the most stellar of manners, but truth be told, what I actually did was get drunk and sign up for my very first triathlon: IRONMAN Lake Stevens. (and now I am just living my life in continual denial...) *sigh*

Where we live now is really small in comparison to where we were.  Stinky Cheese's room in particular is very tiny; his bed takes up the whole room! I have been wanting to buy him a loft bed forever, and today...I did! (Hurray for tax returns! Hurray for IKEA!) It really is the coolest bed too! It is a loft bed, so under the bed, there is a huge desk and a shelf! Now that he will be going to junior high next year, he will really need this extra space for studying and to stay organized. I also wanted to do something special for him because I wasn't the only one who went though a major loss this year... I want him to know how very special he is; that he special enough to own something new and "expensive." (I think as the younger child, he tends to not get as much new stuff in general...but I suppose we all have our own "birth-order cross" to bear. lol)

We spent the entire evening assembling the thing together. I loved every moment. He did too. I have always loved being a mom.

I don't regret missing a stupid run. Pfft. NOTHING beats quality time spent with my sons. :)

I told him he had to smile like the guy in the picture, or he wasn't following the instructions properly.


  1. It's always lovely to hear a more personal side to some ones life on a blog and not just the usual chatter, so thanks for sharing. I can only imagine how much your life has been devastated by one man's actions.

    Hopefully things are improving for you :)

    It makes me think that sometimes I should let a bit more of myself out there. Cycling really is only a small part of my life


  2. Aww, thanks Jez. I have been blessed to have such supportive and patient friends around me. I know we couldn't have gotten this far without them! I couldn't have even have gotten through the move without 1.0, his daughter, and my ex-husband! They were life-savers! They were a packing and hauling super team!

    I think training for the race has helped, but in some ways it has hindered me as well. Sometimes I wonder if this race is just the proverbial sand, and my head is stuck in it up to my shoulders. (I don't know if I used that word right... lol) I think when I signed up, I was hoping it would help "fix" me. In actuality, it usually just makes me too tired or busy to think about it as much. I'm not so sure it's a good permanent solution, however. :/

    Hey... Your big day is right around the corner! Excited much?? I am!!

  3. You probably won't be able to truely answer that question till your race is finished. I hope you find that by focusing on your race its helped you move on (fix you!) with your life as opposed to hiding from something. Dwelling on things is not always good for you or those around you, so this may be a good way of getting around your problems. You seem to have a strong character and if you are able to talk about it openly then you are well on your way to making yourself whole again.

    Yes it's around the corner. Sadly fuel strikes and the thought of having no petrol and so no transport to get to my race is an ugly cloud over my head right now. I could have done without the negativity to be honest. Hopefully it'll all come good.

    Oh and it's good to see you've hooked up with some people through my want it wednesday. That makes me happy :)

    1. Yikes! I don't have a TV, some sometimes it is like I live under a rock. I just read about the trouble you all are having over there... Well I am thinking GOOD thoughts for you. You WILL make it!

  4. You playing nice with your blog?! lol

    1. Oh my gosh! I don't know what the heck I managed to do, but I messed up all of my settings and then my internet went down! I was so frustrated by the end of it, I ended up with a whole new look...that I don't even like! lol

      I may or may not have thrown out my back last night building the damn bunk bed. lol I seem to have some time on my hands today!