Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Know I'm BAD!

Tell me... Do I look like Michael Jackson in this jacket?

It is an Assos winter cycling jacket, that used to retail for $379! I can get it for less than cost...in fact, I did, but I'm having buyers second thoughts.  I actually got the lighter blue one. It has black front panels and black outer arm panels. I liked the one pictured a bit more, but the other one fit a bit better. I don't own anything by this company... Thoughts?
Got my new custom fenders, and no more "unicorn horn!"  Thanks 1.0!!!  Caprica is complete and I am ready to start riding in to work again! (As soon as I get her back from him, that is.) :)


  1. Dang....if jacket made ME look that good I'd buy two!

  2. Yeah, I pretty much feel like a bad ass in my new digs. I imagine myself jumping off buildings and doing sweet tricks in my Michael coat.