Monday, March 19, 2012

Run, CG! Run!

Today's run was nice. I really had to drag my butt out there, but once I did, it was lovely! 1.0 and I ran out by his house and at the nearby high school. It was funny running there, as it is right next to the swimming pool I used to train at when I was on the swim team 20 years ago. Am I really that old??... 34 doesn't feel that old!

Anywho, we ran to the track and then around it a dozen or so times. There was track practice going on; they appeared to be from the U.W. We wondered why they would be practicing there and not at the university. *shrug* They were doing sprints and hurtles and stuff. I never did track. It looks...not enjoyable. I like scenery. My knees and back sure liked their nice rubber-ish track though! :)

Running today actually felt like it used to. I almost didn't want to stop... Cool.

This is a picture of me on the crater rim of Mt St Helens, (8365 ft/2550 m) in August of 2009. I make this summit trip annually, and that year, I RAN it!

Me after my very first half marathon! I got a 3rd place ribbon for my division! (There were only 4 of us though! lol)

Me beach running on Kauai, May 2010.


  1. Run forest! Run! That was a great run :) I think running the squishy track is something we need to do more often :)

    1. Agreed. Plus, I think it makes me go a little faster when I have an audience of young runners... I don't want to be too old and lame! lol

    2. Hey 1.0... Did you notice that I added a banner to the bottom of my blog?? It's your awesome business! Now people can click the link straight from my blog! I will expect a cut of course. teeheehee...