Friday, March 23, 2012

TRIal-run TRI

Triathlon - Home
June 2, 2012

The Issaquah sprint-distance triathlon is a fun race, perfect for experienced triathletes looking to kick off the season, and short enough for novices who are just starting to get their feet wet on the tri circuit. This sprint-distance event takes place along the pristine and scenic shores of Lake Sammamish. Swim in the clean water, bike along the edge, and enjoy the beautiful, flat terrain within the State Park for the cross-country style run.

  • Swim: 1/4 mile, off Tibbetts Beach in Lake Sammamish (expected temp = 61)
  • Bike: 15 mile out-n-back course, mostly flat with one small hill at about
    the 4 and 9 mile marks
  • Run: 3 mile, "cross-country" style on flat trails with various surfaces

I am certain it could grab my legs while I'm swimming by!!
I just signed up for this race. I am nervous, but excited. I am NOT looking forward to jumping into that nasty lake. Not only is it going to be ridiculous cold, but it is totally gross with milfoil weeds. barf. They terrify me... I'm not kidding... I'm TERRIFIED.

It's funny... I think that a lot of kids who grew up on or around Lake Washington have a certain fear of this icky weed. I do remember hearing a story as a child about someone getting tangled in it and drowning. That was sure as hell enough for me to stay away! lol I have heard other people, especially of my mother's generation, admitting that they had feared the stuff because of that exact "urban legend." Fact or fiction? Hmmmm... I guess only the fishies may know, and they'll never tell. ;)


  1. There is no way you'd get me in that! It's probably full of people who've got trapped and drowned....yes I've heard the same stories. Gives me the heebee geebees.:) Sorry I'm probably not helping. I'll try again.

    It'll be fine, you'll not notice the life grabbing weeds, the lost bodies of children that we assume were just myths, the freezing cold temperatures that chill you to the core......oh, damn, sorry. Um.....good luck?!

    1. You do realize that I will think about this comment while I am swimming along, but it will probably crack me up (in my head of course...I don't want to choke on the water!) I don't think I will have time to be scared in the actual race. There will be so many people and the adrenaline and least that's what I am telling myself...