Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want It Wednesday ~ Speedfill Hydration System

The Speedfill Hydration System is an "Ooo-La-La" as far as I'm concerned, and I definitely WANT IT

I have been concerned about hydration during the bike leg. I am not super coordinated when it comes to groping around to find my water bottles in their cages, when I am in "hell on wheels mode." I'll actually put off drinking sometimes, just because I am so competitive, that I don't even want someone to pass me on a ride like RSVP or Chilly Hilly! I know, I need professional help.

Obviously hydration is absolutely vital during Ironman, and I can't be an idiot. I won't be using aero bars because of the constant "up and downers," so a bar-mounted bottle isn't going to work. Even though this will likely cost in the neighborhood of $100 USD, *gulp* this puppy looks like it is my best bet. Good thing garage sale season is upon us! There is usually all sorts of things laying around the house that can make extra money for you, if you want it bad enough! :D

I guess this concludes my first Want It Wednesday! A huge THANK YOU to Jez Andrews for including me in the W.i.W. fun! PLEASE check out his bike blog by clicking this link: FOLLOWING THE CHAINLINE


  1. hey, hey thanks for joining in C.G. See that wasn't so hard now was it? Ive never come across this kind of bottle before. Kind of looks like a petrol can, but that seems like a much better solution than the front mounted a rear mounted drink systems.

    Surprised you aren't using tri bars though, they do make quite a difference. I used to use them during hilly duathlons and they still had their uses. does take a bit of practice though!


  2. Initially I was going to get them but then got the feedback that they weren't really needed. Honestly, between the two expenses, I'd rather have the water bottle. Lol I am pretty good at tucking into a little narrow ball when needed. :)

    (and no, it wasn't that hard.) :)