Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Motorist...

Dear Motorist,

Last Sunday, while I was riding along IN the bike lane, I found it to be rude when you pulled out right in front of me, from the gas station parking lot.  Your actions were not only dangerous and illegal, but they were very rude. You see, when a cyclist is out of their saddle , (as I was) and trying to get up a huge hill and make the green light, it makes their task infinity more difficult when your big stupid ass car pulls out and makes them lose their momentum!!!

Anywhoo, I just wanted to give you the heads up on that one.



As you can see, Sunday's ride wasn't "uneventful." lol In fact, it was a little too eventful to ride much at all!  I gave up after about 6 miles due to dangerously strong winds. It was pretty lame. At least I got to eat a yummy crepe.

Hey I have a question for anyone out there who may have an answer!  My fingers and toes get mad cold in this weather. It really makes me reluctant to go out when the temp drops too much, especially if it is also wet out. I got some sub zero lobster claw gloves with liners, which are really helping...although, now I have trouble shifting! lol My friend suggested "electric socks." Do they have those for cycling? Do they work? Will they cost me a kidney? Does anyone have any other ideas? I have Reynaud's (ok, self-diagnosed, but I would put money on it) so most of the usual tricks are just not enough for me.

They look much better here after the water bath. They were getting purplish. :/
I took this picture 40 minutes post ride. I had been in a warm car and my warm house, so finally I submerged  my hands in a hot water bath for 5-10 mins. As you can imagine, this 'condition' is particularly...painful. I should mention that I did not wear my new sub zero gloves on this ride. :/ (Taken last week.)

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  1. I tried to run that foolio down! Even my super awesome cycling legs and rad bike could not match the speed of that dumb a** in his black Honda accord!