Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bike, Swim, Run, Bike, Cuddle Dogs!

With one of my bosses out of town this week, I'm actually only working Wednesday and Thursday. Yeah, yeah, must be rough, eh? Well, after a nice sleep-in, and internet goof-off time, I decided it was time to do some training. When I finally poked my head outside, I saw that the sun was shining brightly, but the wind was also wildly howling and whipping through the trees. I had a brilliant idea; I would ride to the Y!

I packed my messenger bag for my swim and run workout, and dressed for a cold ride. The headwind was insane. The first mile and a half is flat, but the rest is pretty much uphill, but none of it really mattered in the wind, because it all sucked equally. lol At least no one cut me off at that one intersection this time!!

As it turns out, midday is a great time to swim at the Y! The pool was very quiet and I had the lane to myself; my favorite! Yay! I did 2100 yards, which is 400-600 yards less than usual, but I justified that by telling myself that I had ridden to the pool. *shrug* My toes were burning like mad throughout the whole swim, (they had gone numb during the ride.)

After my swim, I headed upstairs for my run. I was dreading it, especially because I had forgotten earphones. Without earphones, it would be harder to watch TV...and without TV, it would be hard not to want to put a gun to my head on the treadmill! (Kidding....) Just as I stepped on the treadmill however, the man on the next one over says, "Wow! Look at you! You don't even change! You just come right up!" Then, after seeing my puzzled face he says, "I was in the pool...in the lane over... You didn't even change out of your suit. Good for you... You just come right up here!" Finally understanding, I told him I was practicing a quick-change. I assumed he knew what I was talking about, considering he himself, appeared to be doing a transition. As it turned out, he very a very nice guy. He and his wife and kids were moving to my area. He wasn't actually training for anything in particular at the moment, but he had done my Ironman several times! How cool!? His name was Josh. I hope to see him again.

After running hard for 30 minutes, I hurried to the locker room and threw on my riding clothes. I knew my boys would be getting home soon and I hate to have them alone any longer than need be. I took a short cut home, and had the wind to my back, but even so, WOW, I could feel the burn in my legs! Now that I am home, I think I'll down a gallon of water, eat some protein, and snuggle with my dogs until bed time! I don't have the energy for anything else!!

Oh, I almost forgot!!!... On my way out of the Y, this guy came up to me and asked if I owned the red bike outside; I said, "yeah..." and he said, "really cool bike!" :D


  1. Talking of cool bikes I've a section on my blog which I've totally neglected called Bloggers bikes. I'm going to try persuade, beg, bully, plead for people to show off their bikes on there with nice link back to their blog. Would you like to show yours?
    Oh and if youre interested take a look at my want it Wednesday too!!
    Sorry....hard sell over!!
    Toodles. Jez

    1. I saw that on your blog! Believe me, I love any chance I can get to show off my lovely ladies...but I had thought my bikes might be a little too "skinny" for the company you keep! (meaning mtn bikes only lol.) If that's not the case, I'd be honored to show 'em off on your blog!! :D

    2. Hey CG, Thanks for sending the pictures. You are a superstar! I am now proudly showning off Fiona and Caprica on my blog page. I feel my bike is in good company now. :D